Project Branding - what do your projects stand for and represent

Project Branding - what do your projects stand for and represent Winning Minds - through the accumulated wisdom of Project Management Winning Hearts - through creating a project which people can believe in, have a relationship with and develop some level of emotional attachment. The personality or soul of your project we call the project brand. For instance: • Without a soul how can there be an emotional attachment? • Without emotional attachment how will you get the undivided and full support of the team? • We believe the project brand is key to maximising buy-in and support from individuals, the team and the myriad of people required to make projects a success. • How much soul is there in your projects in your organisation right now? What we do in practice: Team Animation provides consultancy, facilitated workshops and training services to assist clients in achieving buy-in. Supporting and challenging you to create the project brand that will attract the interest, emotion and energy on which every project depends. The questions we will help you answer include: • How can you achieve maximum impact and support for your project? • How can you feature your project on every stakeholder's dashboard? • How can you build an emotional attachment to your project? • Is it as simple as giving the project a catchy name? As part of our main PM Leadership Development offering we offer services in the following areas. Please feel free to get in contact for more information. Click here to learn more about us, our services and how we could help. Our site contains all the information you'll need to understand what we do and how we do it.
Sat 26th Jan 2013
Surrey, UK
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