The Benefits of WoMentoring

The Benefits of WoMentoring The Benefits of WoMentoring By Suzanne Doyle-Morris $17.00 USD The power of mentoring of and for women This book is for people who work with professional women. Whether as a mentor, protégé or both. It will work equally well for HR managers who coach and mentor their female staff; or for male managers who have a coaching and mentoring role. It is also for women who are thinking about engaging a mentor. Increasingly in the workplace, women are looking for people who can help them take the next step in their lives and careers. Suzanne Doyle Morris is an expert in the field of working with women. She has written several books on the topic and in this e-book she covers how best to help women reach their maximum potential. Click here to read more.
Wed 23rd Jan 2013
New Zealand
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