Social Networking Solution with a ten year track record

Social Networking Solution with a ten year track record

Any fool can sell you a Social Networking Solution...

... but Thomas's team will build you one that will have traction.

Discuss. You need to sit in at this level. Define what you need by talking with THE Social Networking expert. No sales monkeys, no pressure, no IT geeks leading you off into endless prevarication. Just me. Try Googling me. I have got the t-shirt, have worn it out, cleaned up the garage with it, wiped sweat off with it, used it to block a drain, and still keep it handy.

Thomas Power - Public Speaker

Design. You define the objectives, our team creates the application. Deliver. Enterprise-grade solution to integrate with your current systems. Develop. We'll monitor and report, and drill down to core data and demographics to recommend new directions, and expose new revenue opportunities.

Our USP: We're 10 year olds.

Solid. Since February 1998. We've scaled over almost ten years to deliver free, budget and high ticket memberships. We have monetised business social networking, with minimal advertising revenue. We've also made the mistakes you won't need to make. Involved. Our management are normal users of our site - we don't sit outside, we're inside, doing that 'dialogue, engagement and feedback' without paying it lipservice. We take it on the chin, and shoot from the hip. Ethical.We started our network with a set of ethics, not just a code of conduct. So we have Mentors, Buddies and End Users policing our site voluntarily to keep it what they want it to be. Practical. We won't just sell a solution. There are dozens of vendors who want to do that. Our difference is that we share our knowledge and experience. And we have ten years of it. We'll give you a social network that is fit for purpose, and which will have traction, because we know what works, and understand what pitfalls and distracting gewgaws to avoid.

Social Networking Solution

Features. Open source core - LAMP, the building blocks for most of the industrial-strength net. Blogging. Flogging. Groups and Clubs. Meetings. User Commerce. Extendable, malleable, usable. Benefits. Impacts search visibility for your brand. Builds community. Demonstrably scalable. Protects Users. Harness the collective interests of your constituency to achieve your business goals. Communicate and collaborate, extend and customise, within a secure architecture.

Next? Just talk to me. I've built it. I've lived it. I'm not interested in selling you maybe, I'm interested in telling you about what will work. Call me, let's sit down and talk.

Call Thomas Power. Talk Social Networks.

"I've always rated him as at the top of the networking tree. He is too damned busy to count as one of my closest friends but he has that quality - you look to be in his company as he is infectious, real and generous. " — Michael McNulty

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Fri 25th Jan 2013
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