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Leeds Resource CD Leeds Resource CD For those of you looking for information and pictures of the city of Leeds, England, then you may well be interested in our Leeds Resource CD. http://leeds.englishinengland.it/ This CD was compiled by Ian Thornton in memory of his late grandmother and contains more than 1,000 photgraphs and images, a history of Leeds and biographies of some of Leeds better known son and daughters. If you are interested in the history of Leeds then you must take a look at some of the more than 400 old photographs which the Leeds Resource CD contains. You can see a sample of these photographs clicking on the link below: http://leeds.englishinengland.it/english/old_photos.htm The biographies are interesting. They range from tragic literary figures, such as the Bronte sisters, to likeable rogues like Dick Turpin. http://leeds.englishinengland.it/english/sample_texts.html This very useful resource Cd is available for only £ 9,99 plus £ 2,99 postage. To order your copy today click on the following link: http://leeds.englishinengland.it/english/order.html
Thu 16th Aug 2012
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