Craig Elias



Chief Catalyst at Trigger Event Selling


I am the Creator of Trigger Event Selling™ and the Chief Catalyst of Shift Selling, Inc.

My knowledge of 'Trigger Events' has resulted in:

  • Coverage on NBC news, in The New York Times, Business 2.0, Sales & Marketing Management magazine, and The Wall Street Journal
  • Being a top sales performer at EVERY company that has hired me - including WorldCom where I was named the #1 salesperson within six months of joining the company.

Every day buyers in a target market experience 'Trigger Events' that turn them into highly motivated buyers. I learned to TURN PROSPECTS INTO CUSTOMERS by harnessing these 'Trigger Events' to repeatedly get in front of highly motivated buyers before my competition.

I created Trigger Event Selling™ so others can:

  • Identify the 'Trigger Events' for their product/service
  • Find out when these 'Trigger Events' happen
  • Close more sales when 'Trigger Events' do happen

Trigger Event Selling is focused on the ONE THING that is GUARANTEED to have the biggest impact on your sales: TIMING - Getting in front of highly motivated decision makers at EXACTLY the right time.

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MY PASSION is helping entrepreneurs and start-ups compete against larger more established players.

MY PHILOSOPHY is "Integrity Above ALL Else"

My MOTTO is "No Regrets"

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