Dalu Ma




I run a company which can do translation and interpretation of over 20 kinds of foreign languages and the name of the company is Sino-German Business Translation Co.,Ltd. Besides doing translation, our company can also do foreign language training for individuals and organizations.I also teach some classes in a university in central China and the main subjects I teach are Import and Export Practices and Business English. I'm a middle-aged and easy-going man who loves reading and sports as well as wine. The languages I and my staff can translate include:English, French, Spanish, German, Italian,Russian, Japanese, Korean,etc...Altogether 20 languages. Most of our translators have the background of studying and working abroad and they are very diligent and disciplined. We have served more than one hundred companies and help them do business successfully with their foreign partners. Some of our customers are world famous enterprises, such as the Akzo Nobel Company located in Germany. Now we can translate Greek as well. We hope more and more Chinese and foreign friends will know our company and select our services.We hope more and more foreign companies will realize their dreams in China.We hope more and more Chinese companies will get larger world market shares. We always believe that the key to success is communication and the key to communication is language. If you find us, you have already found the key. Our website is:www.zdtranslation.com Please send me mails to either of my two e-mail addresses whenever you need my help: addresses: addresses.hidden.for@non.subscribersibers addresses.hidden.for@non.subscribersibers addresses.hidden.for@non.subscribersibersibersibersibersibersibers