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If I hear another ‘manifest your wealth’ webinar / programme / seminar... whatever vehicle they choose to peddle this bumph... I WILL SCREAM!!!

“Let the Universe provide”... “Just ask and it is given”.

OK know it all, what about all those people who’ve asked and it hasn’t been bloomin’ well given?

How’s about some ‘practical’ advice on how to earn enough money to pay the bills and feed the children?

If you want to eat, you need to go to the shops and buy some food, the Universe doesn’t just deliver the food to your door!

So here is my really simple 7 step guide to creating income:

1. What is your gift to the world? 

2. Do people pay to get that gift? 

3. Who are these people?

4. Where are these people?

5. Identify a specific problem that your gift will solve for these people.

6. Create a product from your gift, as a solution to this problem.

7. Tell these people about your product / solution.

Not a manifestation in sight...!

Great ideas are worthless... it is in the execution that the value lies...” - Me.