Dave Clarke



CEO at NRG Business Networks


At NRG we provide Facilitated Business Networking Groups for the owners & directors of service businesses & partners in professional firms to build their ultimate network for business growth.

Outside of NRG I work alongside entrepreneurs & ambitious professionals as CEO/MD/NXD to support, lead & guide them in building solid businesses through people, relationships and the effective use of the Internet.

I typically work with service companies and professional firms with between one and three Directors or Partners in establishing businesses with real value that punch above their weight.

I am married with 3 Teenagers & outside Work I love Music, Socialising & Sport. Especially Skiing, Footy and Taekwondo. 

Follow my website links below or at daveclarke.tel for more information & if you would like to connect why not leave me a message to introduce yourself.

Specialties: CEO, MD, NXD, Social Business, Advocacy, General Management, Rainmaking, Business Development, Business Networking, Social Networking, Partnerships, Business Networks, Communities, Word of Mouth, Relationship Marketing, Referral Marketing, Advocate Marketing. 

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