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My name is David Duncan and I work with business owners in the services sector I help them make the most of the internet to generate more sales improve their brand reputation and communication. There is more information on David Duncan's Brand Yourself Profile. I have over 30 years experience in helping businesses use IT to improve their profitability and productivity. For the last 8 years I have been partnered with WSI who are the world's largest internet marketing organisation of it's kind, providing digital marketing solutions for small and medium sized businesses. During this time I have worked with more than 200 service companies helping them to improve their online marketing results. Many business owners struggle to know how to achieve the best results online and are confused about the options available and by advice previously given. I help my clients in three main areas -

  • To generate more leads for their business
  • To enhance their online credibility and brand reputation
  • To improve their communication with clients and prospects

We innovate relentlessly to ensure that our customers stay ahead of the pack and continue to build their businesses, even in tough economic times. Traditional ways of communicating won't necessarily work with the next generation, look at how the younger generation are always in touch with their friends, and sharing what they like, - you now have the opportunity to engage in a conversation that can tighten relationships like never before. Social Media Networking has become a powerful new tool for helping businesses find, develop, and communicate with new customers. Instead of studying demographics about your audience, you now have the opportunity to engage in a conversation with them and learn what is important to them. These conversations are going on whether you choose to join in or not. There is a huge benefit in learning how to apply a powerful technology trend earlier than your competitors. For this reason we have developed a program to help businesses move from very little use of social technologies, to one of having social media deeply integrated into their overall marketing strategy in effective ways. Many companies recognise the need to integrate Social Media into their business processes. However most are not sure where to start or how to develop a robust strategic plan. We have a "90 day Social Media Coaching Program" that helps businesses understand these changes and position themselves as leaders in their field rather than followers. We start by helping the company to embrace a 9-step social technology process in order to leverage the power of online one to one customer relationships. This step by step process has been developed over the last couple of years and has been proven very effective. At each step we provide coaching and resources. The program takes the form of a one day workshop followed by weekly status updates and assistance with the implementation of policies and a system of measurement so that you are assured that the social media goals are being achieved. I am looking for opportunities to spread the word about our program and for introductions to companies that you think may be struggling to come to terms with these new technologies or that would benefit from taking action now to lead the way in their industry. At WSI we have processes and tools to implement social media on an enterprise scale Our mission is to help businesses acquire, manage and retain customers online and I am known for internet marketing that really works. My business goal is to help create innovative solutions for businesses so that those businesses can become remarkable. Please feel free any time if you want to ask any questions about internet marketing then please contact me to discuss any ideas or thoughts on marketing or social media optimisation that you may have. I am happy to give my advice to any ecademy member. Should you come across any companies or conference organisers who need a professional speaker on Internet Marketing or Social Media Optimisation then I would appreciate a referral to them and contact information. My area of expertise is in driving new business to my clients using the internet, and I am available for any advice or guidance on related subjects. As well as speaking at events on Social Media related subjects, I also do run webinars on various related topics. Do you want to bring your Target Market to your Website? Here is a usefull tool if you use Twitter. A WSI internet marketing solution is a package of services tailored to your requirements, designed to ensure maximum return on your investment. View a showcase of outstanding WSI end client case studies.

WSI Waverley Solutions' Awards
Waverley Solutions - 3 times Web Award nominee in 2 years!

I am married and live with my wife Gwen and son Martin in Surrey, we enjoy travel fine food and wines, and meeting interesting people. Gwen is an artist and does finely detailed oil paintings of a traditional nature incorporating landscapes, people and birds. You can check out her work by visiting her site at www.gwenfulton.com. When not with my family or working I am probably to be found on a golf course somewhere. I am a member of New Malden Golf Club in Surrey and have been playing for over 40 years which is a scary thought!! Other interests include Skiing and motor sports, in fact I drive an american car which I brought back from the US when we returned here in 2001, a Camaro SS is one of the all time classic muscle cars. I currently own and operate a WSI Internet Consultancy franchise business and specialise in providing a full suite of internet services to the SME sector. I can provide all the normal internet services like hosting, web design, development, maintenance, e-commerce, e-training, internet marketing, and search engine optimisation which will drive traffic to your site. I am interested in talking to anyone who is interested in joining WSI. I have a successful business background in the ICT marketplace with international experience in the Canadian, US and UK marketplaces, a proven track record of business improvements impacting directly on customer service and improved financial performance. I lived in Toronto for two years, Spokane in Washington State for six years, as well as Boston during the ten years in North America. My experience includes being the VP for Customer Service with Olivetti in Canada as well as similar senior positions with Wang, Getronics and QualxServ in Boston. I have been involved from both aspects with mergers and acqusitions, as well as taking part in a management buy out and the setting up of a new company. I have an entrepreneurial and innovative approach to solving business problems, with a constant focus on teamwork, mentoring and coaching to improve performance. I am an accredited executive associate with "The Institute for Independent Business", and a business adviser for "Initiatives in Business Development" as well as a mentor with "The Princes Trust" I provide business consultancy services to the SME business sector, and am a WSI Internet consultant I am an active networker and as well as being a member of ecademy I am a member of BNI, as well as Sutton Chamber of Commerce. WSI Internet Consulting and Education
As one of the world's largest Internet Business Consultancy, we create high impact web solutions for small to medium sized firms. Our services include :

  • Web Design and Development
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • On-line Shopping
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Optimisation
  • Online Reputation Management
  • On-line Education
  • Site Upgrades
  • Intranets
  • Webcasting
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Competitive Analysis
  • Internet business analysis

The internet is littered with millions of static, low traffic, outdated and ineffective websites that cost their companies more than the return they recieve. If you can honestly answer the question, what does your internet solution do to improve your companies bottom line? then you are on the right track. If you are finding difficulty in finding new customers, or want to convert more visitors to customers, or believe that the internet should enable you to deliver better customer service, then we should be talking. Call me now on 0845 345 2592 Is your website not contributing to your business? If you would like to find out more about how we help our clients or about how you can join us at WSI, please let me know, I would be happy to provide more information on any aspect of our service, call me now on 0845 345 2592.


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