David Heads




I have a zest for life! I love and am interested in people from all walks of life, languages, cultures and of course our planet. I am innovative, and interested in addressing global issues. Giving Aid is not the first and certainly not the last project I have initiated. One of the projects that I fostered that I particularly enjoyed was working along side a local Doctor of Physics. Dr. Joe Watson. Joe had invented the 'cue dot' ( the dot at the top right hand side of television screens that cued in adverts }, but had never had the recognition for his genius. Upon meeting him he had become a humble maintenance manager at the Copthorne Hotel in Plymouth. Still putting his genius to work enabled him to save a small fortune on the energy costs for the hotel. Of course the Hotel received the credit Nationally from the EEO ( Energy Efficiency Office ) for his achievement.Once again he had not been recognised! I took him out of the Copthorne Hotel, put him into a R&D environment. Within three months he had developed a prototype boiler control which, when piloted at Exeter City Swimming Baths reduced an enormous amount of pollution of the environment and had paid for itself in the same amount of time it had taken to develop. The multi-boiler control could manage up to eight boilers at any given time. It went on to achieve enormous success throughout the UK and North America. In conversation one day with Joe, I asked him if he had a wish list, what would be at the top of the list. After a few brief moments, knowing Prince Charles was a keen environmentalist said " I've always wanted to meet Prince Charles"! That same week I wrote to Prince Charles explaining Dr. Watson's unrecognised accomplishments. Within three weeks we received a letter inviting us both to the 'Awards for Innovation' at St. James' Palace. During the course of the day intrigued with my letter Prince Charles expressed his interested in wanting to help us to further our work. As a result of his involvement we went on to receive nationwide recognition on Regional BBC, Local and National Radio Stations, starting with the pilot of Radio 5 'Live' progressing on to the centrefold of the financial section of the 'Mail on Sunday'. The phone didn't stop ringing with calls of support for six weeks from around the World! I have no doubt that with my present project it will go on to achieve even greater success due to the current financial climate. It will be of benefit to both a worthy Charities who we partner with and those who participate. How was Giving Aid born? It was just after the Tsunami disaster. December 26th 2004. I had a 'lightbulb moment'. Shocked as we all were, I remember thinking at the time how strange it was that with so much wealth in the world, that like the worlds population,it is not over populated just badly distributed. Putting my creative juices to work, I came up with a simple solution. So simple that when I saw a firm of International accountants a few months later with a few ideas scribbled on a piece of paper, they could not believe that it was not in circulation. I remember thinking "great idea! but is it legal?" Some months later I went to see a celebrated firm of Solicitors and presented a PPP (Power Point Presentation) to one of the senior partners who specialises in 'Charity Law'. He said after the presentation, " If I had a hat I would take it off! the concept is brilliant". Putting their 'money where their mouth is' so to speak, they began working on a pro bono basis to ensure that everything we did was carried out in the correct manner. I started approaching charities in the UK, without exception they all loved the concept! We are now ready to take this concept to the next level. We have carried out our due diligence and having rigorously tested the concept, have successfully carried out a pilot scheme. The program which has a multiplicity of applications, is now geared to accepting three million transactions a month from launch, enabling us to offer our support to organisations who have already made a significant contribution in making this a better world for our global community to live in! The first charity we have nominated to support is Operation Henry which has worked tirelessly to help victims and their families of Pancreatic Cancer. Please watch this 1 minute video. It will give you a snap shot of the charity we hope you will join us in supporting: www.youtu.be/j-gNQWWxOBo (If you have difficulting in opening the link. Highlight, right click and depress 'Go to...'). If you are unable to help at least pass it on to others!