David Pitcher





I am passionate about helping others discover more of their true potential.

I originally trained as a scientist, gaining a chemistry degree at University College London. I worked in pharmaceuticals before training to be a teacher and completing my Postgraduate Certificate in Education. During my 30 plus years in secondary education I researched and developed techniques to support both the achievement and personal development of my students. This included drawing on the work of Tony Buzan and other psychological techniques which were helpful.

What I currently do is a natural progression from all my past experiences and continues what I have always tried to do namely to help others have the best life possible. I trained with Richard Bandler, Michael Neill and Paul McKenna. I am trained in coaching mastery and to master practitioner level in neurolinguistic programming.

One thing I have learned is who we will be tomorrow can be influenced significantly by making good choices today. For me it's like designing and creating myself.

I am retired and based in the New Forest on the English south coast where I live with my beautiful wife. We have four lovely daughters and two grandchildren. 

I believe because the future in not here yet, I can design tomorrow today and play a significant part in actually creating my life.

I believe the best is yet to come.