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Hi, I'm Debra and welcome to my profile. I'd like to share what I'm about. I am currently involved with four projects which are all related to my passions and purpose: 1. Mastery Path Enlightening Events to Educate & Inspire 2. Global Hugs Ltd - Heartfelt Coaching & Training 3. Hug Expert - Creator of International Hugs Week, sharing unconditional love through hugs 4. Introduer & Connector - to make a difference and be of value to others 1. Mastery Path I am founder of Mastery Path, a personal and spiritual development group launched in Manchester in August 2006 - we have created an extraordinary peer group of like-minded people. We meet in Manchester from 7 pm - 9.30 pm the second Wednesday in every month and bring world-class speakers to share their knowledge with us. We film our events and create audio and video products for speakers. We also provide an event management service for others and promote events throughout the UK. Join our mailing list to keep informed about our events. 2. Global Hugs HUGS is an acronym which stands for Hunger for Unlimited Growth of Self. I help my clients get crystal clarity about what they want to achieve in business and life, and help them achieve work-life balance so that they are happier, healthier, wealthier, and experience fullfilling relationhips at work and home. I share the knowledge I've gained through my own personal & professional development with my clients to help them fast-track to success. I help them to understand what makes them tick so that they can make conscious choices. I'm a certified Energy Diamond Coach and use this powerful profiling tool and coaching system to get outstanding results. I am a certified Coach, Trainer, Practitioner of NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and Time Line Therapy, Inspirational Speaker and MasterMind Group Facilitator. Working with me is risk-free with results guaranteed. Check out the testimonials on my website. 3. Hug Expert I'm the creator of International Hugs Week which takes place from 1-7 May every year. The purpose is to share unconditional love by offering hugs. Check out our hug events on youtube or my blog videos. ((( x ))) is the symbol for a group hug so you can send virtual hugs to your friends and connections. 4. Introducer & Connector I am a natural networker and connector because I love helping people and I attend lots of events both locally and nationally. Here are places where you can connect with me: Linkedin Twitter - Debra G Brown Twitter - Global Hugs Facebook Youtube Mastery Path Channel XL Nation - Life Member (Global network of entrepreneurs) My Mission To raise global consciousness and share unconditional love through the power of hugs. Personal Development I am passionate about personal development and am a big fan of Anthony Robbins' work. I have crewed five times at Unleash the Power Within in London and also at Wealth Mastery. I'm a graduate of Mastery University and I attended Date with Destiny in December 04 (Palm Springs), Life Mastery in June 05 (Scotland), and Wealth Mastery in September 05 (London). I went to San Diego in May 06 to do Leadership Academy and the Senior Leadership development day - WOW, what a fantastic course. In April 08 I did Date with Destiny Leadership on the Gold Coast in Australia and had a wonderful time. I have also studied with other world leaders in personal evolution and spiritual development and love being on this journey of discovey. I invest inmyself on an ongoing basis and share my learnings with my clients. Personal Details I am 51 years young with two kids - Chrisopher is 24 and Emily is 23. I'm proud grandma to Evie Grace - the most delightful child I've ever had the priviledge of meeting. In 2011, I sold my house and gave away most of my possessions - I realised that I had become trapped by them and it was freeing and liberating not to have all that 'stuff'. I love travelling and experiencing new cultures and now combine this with my work. I am loving my spiritual growth and discovering more about how universal forces work, meditation, the law of attraction etc. My aim is to help raise consciousness of the planet and to make the world a better place. One of the first books to help me awaken was The Celastine Prophecy, I believe that everything happens for a reason. You are reading my profile for a reason ... are we supposed to connect? I love music and have diverse taste but have a passion for rock music (used to be a biker and am definitely a rock chick!) I love dancing and really lose myself in the rhythm of the music - I'm not shy about expressing myself! I love going to the theatre and also like classical, new age, pop music and Deva Premal's mantras. I love meeting people, socialising, drinking red wine, going out with friends, attending retreats, networking and most of all, having fun! Oh, and hugging of course. Well that's all for now. Have a great day and thanks for taking the time to read my profile. Debra ((( x ))) And for fun ... my profile results

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