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Some of the links below might be inaccessible since I have deleted around 450 of my old posts.  Some I deleted because they were only relevant at the time, but most had lost their meaning when the migration from ecademy meant most of the comments were lost.  Consequently some of the links below might not work, although I think most still do.  That said ...

I believe you'll get more of an idea about what I'm about from the stuff I talk about than anything I say about myself in a Social Networking "profile".  You'll find, below, links to stuff I've written; a list of articles and blogs which is far too long to reasonably expect anyone to read.  That's ok - I don't expect you will miss anything important.  Move along.  Nothing to see here.

1) Most recent posts

Since there isn't currently any easy way to find posts by a particular author, I thought it might be worth starting an index of my own posts.  This section lists my most recent articles.

Nella Last
The value of today's social media to future historians.

Right then ...
I'm a warts-and-all kind of guy, who believes that if you want to know me then you need to see my mistakes as well as my triumphs.  This was one of my mistakes.

2) On the Internet and Social Networking

I've spent close to 30 years wasting time on various online fora. This section indexes some of the things I've written on here about online communities.

How to blog on ecademy - some musings by an amateur
Reflections on posting on ecademy (now Sunzu).

Have you worked out what's going on yet?
Notes on the history of social networking. Possibly a bit too long.

How to win a flamewar
You can't.

This one appears to have caused some controversy, although I really don't know why.

Men of straw
What should you do when people wilfully misunderstand you?

It's always September somewhere on the .net
Usenet, netiquette, and what happens when a network grows too fast.

It's a funny thing, this "like" wassname
Thoughts on a possible unintended consequence of the "Like" feature.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word
On getting it wrong, on quality, and a brief history lesson.

All this talk about bullying
A request for feedback.

I Know All About You (But Only In 2D)
Cautionary notes about impressions formed in online social networks.

Divided Communities
Why can't we all just get along?

What Happened Last Thursday
On the trials and tribulations of leading a social networking site..

3) Lighter bites

Some shorter pieces, for the goldfish among us.

Write with care.

How much time do you spend notworking?
Now you can measure it.

Was Charles Darwin a Creationist?
Some musings on misquotes.

4) Humour

My sense of humour isn't always to everyone's taste.  It might not even be to anyone's taste other than mine.

Hiking in Lakeland: what to wear
Be careful out there ...

The Model Agency Song ...
With apologies to Glibert and Sullivan.

Bully Me!™
It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Why can't you just be nice?
What a nice place we have here.

How not to do it.

Networkers Anonymous
Think you might be networking too much? Help here.

Ecademy top tip: How to plagiarise without getting caught.
Fun with google translate.