Das Suman (Doctor-Da)


Suman (doctor-da)


...thank you very much for your kind visit to help me feeling Great :) Yes, I am feeling GreatÂ…. Because you are 'reading me'Â…. 'Reading' helps 'Knowing'Â…. 'Knowing' causes 'Liking'Â…. 'Liking' results 'Following'Â…. Let me confessÂ…. I do not enjoy writing about myself. So before you start writing about me, let me help youÂ…. Well, make just 12 pieces of mine and you will find.....


My expertise : Business Profit Consultancy,Innovative Strategic Planning,Business Makeover, Fundraising, Research, Conceptualization, Training, Workshop, Seminar, Corporate Wellness Program, Creative Services, SOS Business Counseling, Clinical Nutrition, #CUREat ,Food Therapy, Natural Well Science (individual and corporate consultancy, teaching, writing & research), Preventive medical food guide (PMG), Applied Biochemistry, Astro-Medical Food Therapy (AMFT), Clinical Counseling, Fat Loss Individualized Program (FLIP), Clinical Yoga & Meditation, Medicinal Painting (Therapeutic Fine Arts)

Here is my professional network-map (dated June 23, 2011)....

I like : It dependsÂ…. I hate : It hardly mattersÂ…. I believe :
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