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To get an up-to-date view please visit my blog at Personality Profile = ENFP, The Inspirer (click here for details) Life has never been more exciting. Every day I am watching my young children (3 and 1.5) become more gorgeous and clever with the support of my beautiful wife, Saira. The last couple of years have seen business reach new heights and with the help of my colleagues we are pioneering the answers to the next item on the agenda for Project Management. I created Team Animation to gather together like minded professionals who could rise to the challenge of inspiring leadership in project management. By incorporating the latest people, project and change management thinking, I use my passion to deliver outstanding value to business. Team Animation helps identify and develop PM leaders who: • Inspire all around them • Create great customer and stakeholder relationships • Engage confidently with strategic business issues • Challenge their organisation to make it the best at delivering projects it can be We specialise in developing PM Leadership capability through: • Individuals - leadership potential identified and developed • Teams - learning how to create outstanding performance together • Organisations - engaging with their PM people and processes to optimise success This diagram outlines the content of our comprehensive PM Leadership Development Programme All the evidence from our research across multiple projects, PMs and markets demonstrates it is "how" PM leaders engage with individuals, teams and organisations that is the real differentiator of success. The clients we work with know what they are meant to do, understand why they are meant to do it and come to us for support on how to develop the crucial leadership capabilities demanded by their industries. Team Animation's website has loads of information on what we do, how we do it and who we do it with as well as a range of resources open to everyone. Networking is a fundamental part of my personal and professional development. I am always signing myself up to get involved and to find opportunities to share ideas, experiences and a good laugh with new friends and colleagues. Have a quick look at my blog for an idea of what's happening right now but otherwise here is an overview of some of the connections I've made. I currently chair the Association for Project Management (APM), People Specific Interest Group, which is leading the way on people focused PM. As an active member of the APMs Policy Unit I am able to share my expertise on the people and organisational aspects of deploying and leveraging the business benefit of project management and contribute to the work of the APM more widely. I am also involved with Acumen7, PMI, ICE, RICS and Oxford Brookes University as well as other professional and academic organisations. I am pleased to say that my work is regularly featured in several professional journals (ICE, RICS and the APMs Project magazine) with my articles concentrating on tackling the people issues of project management. Through much time and investment I have become a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and of the Strengths Deployment Inventory and would recommend you to look into these very powerful tools. Thanks again for finding out a bit more about me. Get in touch. If you are interested in tackling the big issues in project management, finding out more about what I do commercially or even just having a chat then lets get connected and do something about it.

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