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Know me > VIDEO > MY PURPOSE is to help people succeed. To WAKE UP to their success ! There's no difference between RECOVERY & PERFORMANCE. If you are injured and want to recover, trying to be a better parent, a stronger athlete, managing employees or leading a company, it is all exactly the same stuff. My keynote will prove it to you. Keynote THE UNTOLD TRUTH ABOUT PERFORMANCE / RECOVERY Doug's is an awakening journey built on the common threads from childhood leg braces, the unlikely rise to the NHL by 18, brain injury, spinal cord injury, starting charities, building businesses and being a parent. TRY BEING PARALYZED The presentation delineates Doug's realizations after breaking his neck and experience of taking control of his ego, self image and performance in his personal and business life after hockey, to raising your own personal and business performance. "Doug's keynote presentation was in perfect alignment with our leadership workshop. He delivered the inspiring messages that we hoped for and our entire team got so much more." James S. Paul, President & CEO Defence Construction Canada DID YOU KNOW ?? PERSONAL AWARENESS 75% of PEOPLE want to achieve PERSONAL EXCELLENCE (Me) 20% of PEOPLE understand what to focus on to achieve TEAM EXCELLENCE (We) 5% of LEADERS are aware of how to achieve ORGANIZATIONAL EXCELLENCE (Us) Put your ego aside for a moment. IN CORPORATE - People are the foundation EMPLOYEES are 70 + % of total business costs CORPORATE PERFORMANCE starts with engaged employees PHENOMENAL OUTCOMES result from pursueing the truth about what your people think and feel THINK !! Doug's Books THE TRAUMA CODE - The Untold Truth about Performance THRIVING in TRANSITION - How to turn adversity into the opportunity of a lifetime "It is rare that personal achievement and the science to back it up are demonstrated in the same book. Doug Smith has done it!" - Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Specialties HALF DAY WORKSHOP - Internalizing Performance EMPLOYEES are 77% of total business costs PEOPLE are the foundation of the organization PERFORMANCE starts with engaged employees WHY do we think we will have high performance employees with broken or bad employee engagement ?


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