Dr Terry Loong

Dr terry



Hi, my name is Dr Terry and at my company, we work with women. Women who are ready. Ready to make smarter and important choices on how they approach their own youth and health. I have been a doctor for the last 10 years focused on supporting women to look, feel and think young and healthy. I have worked with 1000s of women .... from professional career women and diplomats to single mothers juggling busy lives. Women who just want to get on with life without worrying about looking and feeling old. I went into this field after losing my mother suddenly at the age of 46 years old. After a health scare myself at the age of 30 years old with cervical cancer, I now incorporate holistic treatments to my anti-aging programs to help a women maintain the Va-Va-Voom in the lives! I believe women instinctively know what is best for them. Once they equip themselves with the right information and knowledge, they will be able to make the right decision for themselves, with real confidence! We work with women at different age groups and women going through change. Combining tools from functional medicine, lifestyle medicine, anti-aging and aesthetic medicine, we provide a holistic approach working in partnership with women to achieve optimum youth and health. You can choose from 3 ways to engage with us. Each depends on where you are and what outcome you have in mind. You can approach in any order you like:- 1. Ready To Explore - If you would like to learn more of how we work. - Visit us on www.drterry.com and enjoy the free information and resources available 2. Ready to Learn - If you are ready to take charge of your health and to learn more, gaining the right tools to make the RIGHT decision for yourself. - Enjoy our interactive workshops 3. Ready to Change - If you are ready to make the transition, to evolve, to renew, to change, to transform. Revealing your healthiest and youngest self yet - from all aspect of mind, body and spirit that you rightly deserve and to enjoy. - If you are ready to take responsibility for your youth, adding more life to your years and years to your life. If you are ready to understand, to learn and be better in tune with your own body, investing in your overall health. - Book an appointment with us and discuss what programs would work best for you. Women have a profound role to play in creating the future generation..... when they are truly aligned with themselves..... they have an incredible impact in their personal world and throughout the world at large. I realise this is a huge task to take on.........however, I also realise as more women feel aligned in this way, we will be able to help other women .......creating a ripple effect. We are best known for completely understanding our clients.....giving them educated choices and being fully supportive throughout. When we work with clients, we leave them feeling amazing, confident and fully taken care of.