David White



Chairman at Weboptimiser Group Ltd


Enabling companies to achieve their full potential is My Life, as Steven Fry would say. That and looking after my near and far family.
In any other sector it is accepted that building a business and a brand takes time, yet with the internet it is possible to move faster and accomplish objectives more quickly, but it must be recognised that you need to do so ethically and honestly.
In the internet World you need to start by ensuring a regular stream of visitors no matter what your business is. It is difficult. Once you get visitors coming, you need to turn your browsers into regular visitors and those into members and then buyers. We call that optimisation. Optimisation is not just about visibility, here are some of the things you need to focus on:

  • To drive new traffic to your site
  • To enhance your visitor experience
  • To ensure return visits and visitor retention
  • To increase attraction and engagement
  • To protect brand assets and market share

This is where Weboptimiser comes in, and this is what we mean by web optimisation, the science of helping businesses work harder, faster and smarter. Pioneered by Weboptimiser since 1996, web optimisation has developed and grown to embrace every aspect of web success. Stay tuned into our pioneering work, by visiting our blogs

Supermarkets are highly tuned to cater for customer needs and arrange thier produce in the most enticing way, so a web site should be too. It's no accident that essential items such as bread are at the back of the store or impulse purchases near the tills. At the same time, running costs - from logistics to salaries - are pared to a minimum.
Web site optimisation can be undertaken by anybody who is prepared to give it some time, energy and thought. You can find more by reading our optimisation white paper
To get things going we also offer a free web site analysis - all we need is your email address and site url, just visit our site to learn more.
The benefits of achieving success is more than merely counting money. It is to see the realisation of dreams and the results that it can bring. So I have an interest in being associated with success and learning from it and that includes helping others to prosper. As the market place is constantly evolving, there is always more to learn.
To find out more about how others achieve their success I joined the IAB way back when and in November 2006 I was elected as chair of the Search Taskforce for IAB Europe and then in January 2007 I was elected as chair of IAB UK Search Taskforce. I was pleased to have set the first standard for the IAB in search and to expand it to define best practices and to define advanced search engine marketing.