Ed Bankos




I'm Ed Bankos, a retired Highway and Bridge Builder (heavy equipment & crane operator). Now I'm a Business Builder, helping others with Business Opportunities offered by the top Companies in products and services in their industry. These are affiliate programs that offer an inexpensive startup fee, a professional training program, your own web site, and full support. You will be in business for yourself but not by yourself. I do a lot of research on natural supplements because of my natural upbringing. I've tried many supplements over the years, always seeking the ultimate product. 18 months ago, I joined a product study for a natural supplement for health and pain issues. I started on the supplement, experienced immediate relief from years of arthritic pain and a few months later, health issues. I was offered a position in the company and haven't looked back. If your looking to be your own boss and work part time to supplement your present income or work full time to replace your income, please contact me.