Ellyn Traub



CEO_Executive Coach at HIgh Performance Leadership, Inc.


You KNOW something is MISSING, you KNOW something IS JUST NOT RIGHT, but you are LOCKED IN and TOO BUSY and TIRED to take actionn.

Ellyn S. Traub, MS, CPBA, CPVA, CPTA, CPDA, Six Sigma Green Belt, is an Executive Coach and President of High Performance Leadership, Inc. We RESCUE executives and attorneys from overwhelm, frustration and isolation by creating certainty. Certainty relieves the stress. High Performance Leadership, Inc. was founded January 1, 2000.Corporate Growth Audits


  • Corporate Growth Audits
  • Executive Development
  • Business and Process Development
  • Professional Development / Leadership
  • Client Relations Development
  • Online Learning
  • Employee Hiring and Retention
  • Effective Communication
  • Time Management
  • Marketing: Including: Mobile Website Marketing / Social - Mobile Coupons
  • DISC Assessment Specialist

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