Ewart Holloway




I am an accountant based in Marlow, Buckinghamshire covering the surrounding area as far as Maidenhead, Henley and High Wycombe. I specialise in accounting services for small businesses, whether sole traders or limited companies - although I am also happy to help with individuals self assessment tax returns and capital gains tax etc. My practice is part of the Certax franchise network which has around a hundred franchisees in the UK. This provides me and my clients with many advantages, for example the reassurance that my colleagues can always provide cover in the event of sickness or when I am on holiday. It also means that I have access to a range of experts on the more specialised areas of taxation, if the need should arise - sometimes it just means having someone a phone call away to bounce ideas off. For my clients, the franchise structure provides many of the benefits of dealing with a much larger high street practice - however, I don't have to carry the overheads of a large practice and I am able to share this benefit with clients through lower charges. My objective in business is very simple - to offer my clients an end to end accounting and taxation service. By this I mean that I will personally take responsibility for every stage of the process from data entry through accounts preparation to calculating your tax liability. I am a one person practice and plan to keep it that way because I know that a significant proportion of customers value a personal, no excuses, service from someone who is genuinely interested in their business and whose livliehood depends on providing the service they demand. Right now, pressure of work prevents me from pursuing my main outside interest which is sailing. I have owned both Westerley and Moody cruising yachts and have made many channel crossings and visits to the channel islands. I have also cruised the west coast of France as far south as La Rochelle. Sailing features significantly in my longer term goals and I plan to live aboard a yacht and cruise much further afield when career commitments allow.