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Dear visitor, I thank you for visiting my profile. Please let me know what I can mean to you or which services I can offer you. La Vita è Bella About my private life I'm an optimistic realist or maybe rather a realistic optimist. I'm father of 3 fantastic children, 2 daughters and 1 son. They all are independent already. For the moment I don't have a relationship. I see life as a big challenge. Important for me are fascinating people, friendship, nature, good health, sport, travelling, fine gastronomy, music, having fun and love and passion. See also my 50 words. I'm very widely interested, rather a generalist than a specialist. I love an adventurous trekking in the nature but I also enjoy the more luxurious journey. I adore the commotion in the city but I admire the silence of an old small village. This are examples of expressions of a dual thing in me. About my professional life I have a degree in Engineering. Until 2003 I've built up a broad experience in ICT, Logistics, Sales & Marketing and General Management. From 1987 until 1992 : Manager Business Systems and the last 2 years Managing Director of a sales company specialised in Basic and Technical Equipment for the Laboratory Business. From 1993 until 2003 : Managing Director of a Benelux subsidiary (a Belgian and a Dutch company) of a German Manufacturer of Furniture and Technical Installations for the Laboratory Business. I started these activities from scratch and I've built it up to a well-known and important name in the Benelux market. In 2003 I decided to work independently and I founded my own company NovoServ. I have 2 activities. 1) Giving Advice and Consultancy in Building, Designing and Furnishing of Laboratories. I also sell and manage Laboratory Building and Furnishing Projects together with European Manufacturers. 2) Search, Selection and Recruitment of Engineers. I do this in cooperation with a business connection. I'm still looking for additional interesting opportunities in Sales & Marketing or General Consultancy. What do I expect from Ecademy?

• Meeting a lot of interesting and fascinating people all over the world.
• To come in contact with other cultures.
• Discover new business opportunities.
• Exchange experiences.
• Giving advice to other people.
Feel free to contact me. Warm regards. Filip La Vita è Bella create your own visited country map or write about it on the open travel guide

Why Am I Here


Why Am I Here