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Thank you for visiting my profile. The Business Story Teller inspires sales people to get passionate about what they do again! Selling is about passion, drive and knowing what you do! The Business Story Teller opens your eyes, offers you a fresh look on matters, helps you create a vision and encourages you to explore new routes to success! The Business Story Teller is not about endless talks or a magic mister know it all. It is about having inspirational conversations that help you focus and grap more and better opportunities. It is about rediscovering your passion and drive and opening your eyes for a new vision on Happy Selling. The Business Story Teller breeds entrepreneurial success in the Happy Selling Club. Ambitious entrepreneurs gather in this club to team up with peers on their way to new commercial archievements. Sharing passion, knowledge, experience and opportunities is the magic dust for archieving your goals. In the Happy Selling Club we connect you with soulmates and offer members hands on coaching to find their route to Happy Selling and untill than undiscovered sales opportunities! As you can see in the blog section here on Ecademy I often blog and comment on sales, marketing and management subjects. Also on Linkedin you can see that in the questions and answers section I have helped many people with their sales and marketing problems and as a result have gained a lot of expertise acknowledgement on Linkedin. I have worked most of my career in senior positions where I was responsible for bottomline performance. The only way to get those results was by getting in huge lots of proffitable customers! business to consumer selling is what I like and do best! I find consumers extremely interesting! Since I am a true people person I always like to find out what makes people tick. What is it that makes a prospect like your products and services? Why did he choose you and not your competitor? Why, why, why, I always dig to the bottom and want to fully understand my target audience! I also did a lot of study on how to address different target audiences, I think prospects deserve to be addressed in a way they feel most comfortable with. Each bird sings his own song! I am a firm believer that success never comes because of luck, but only thanks to hard work! If you really want to make something happen, you can! There is always a solution! It is a matter of finding the solution and grabbing the opportunity! Quite often people develop products or services that they think will bring them huge success. Than when they start trying to sell it they find out it is not selling..... at all! Why not? This is where I come in! Mostly if marketing and sales people try to find out why they are not selling as much as they would like to, they can not differentiate the wood from the trees! Since they have bought or developed their own products or services... and... they have designed their own sales and marketing strategy they are in love with both! Every mother is confident that her baby is the best looking, smartest and by far the quetest baby in the whole wide world! Would that mother even consider to change the ears? When it comes to getting your products and services sold, I would! Without hesitation! If you want to sell more, I can help you do just that! People who have worked with me always say they are blown out of their socks with how quickly I can come up with a stream of ideas to conquer the problem! Most of the time they are amazed by the results as well! In the past I had the privelidge of solving sales, marketing and product development issues for some very large and successful companies such as: American Express Hewlett Packard Du Pont de Nemours Ford Nederland Nissan Europe Gold Corp of Australia Philips Nederland Willy Perkins Superunie Achmea Primeur card KPN Vodaphone Experian Telfort Chipper Nederland Videoland Nederland Q8 Rocks Scarlet Copyright Promotions Nederland Next to all those (very) large organisations I have also helped many SME companies. So please do not think that I am to big for you to ask for my help! I have helped a lot of small entrepreneurs and some want to be entrepreneurs to get their business started and growing. I still love to be in the centre of the process getting my hands dirty! I also coach students (marketing) with their research projects. As you can also see in my profile on Linkedin, I have been self employed for most of my life. I know what it is to build and grow a business from my own experience. I have done that successfully, and I have learned by making mistakes, so I know every aspect from doing it myself! This expertise I like to share with as many people as possible, I certainly would like to share it with YOU! Are you not selling as much as you'd like? Are you struggling to get your business moving? Than let's have a chat! I am, and will always be an entrepreneur! it is in my blood and vains! This will however not in any way conflict with the efforts I will make to boost your sales through the roof! Oh and by the way I'm also going to run another company again! For that project I'm looking for investors. Should you be interested to invest? Please contact me! Thank you very much for reading my profile! I hope you now have a clear pricture of who I am, what I do and what I could do for you. Kind regards, Fred Rutgers The Business Story Teller Please email me on: Or call me on: +31 (0)651542222