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Owner at Terra Infirma Ltd


Gareth Kane - Environment and Sustainability Consultant

"Gareth Kane's technical knowledge of environment and sustainability is second to none and his ability to express complex technical issues in layman's terms is extraordinary." Nick Devitt, Dott07 My business, Terra Infirma, helps companies and public sector organisations embed sustainability into their core activities. This cuts costs, reduces risk, enhances branding and improves recruitment and retention of staff. Our company slogan, "bringing sustainability to life", sums up our ethos: turning the theory of sustainability into practical reality. We see environmental performance as a range of opportunities rather than a series of threats. Waste is seen as a wasted resource, legislation is seen as a business opportunity and environmental problems are simply designed out. This positive, proactive approach delivers massive competitive advantages to our clients. Clients include AEA Technology, BAE Systems plc, the BBC, Johnson Matthey plc, Business Link, Aker Solutions, DEFRA, Durham City Council, Stone Homes Ltd, Dott07, Middlesbrough Council, the National Health Service (NHS), NISP North East, the Design Council and many more. "If you want to incorporate sustainability principles into your business, you need to talk to Terra Infirma." Dale Robinson, MD, Stone Homes Ltd

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Subscribe to our free monthly newsletter, The Low Carbon Agenda, for the lowdown on reducing your carbon footprint and exploiting business opportunities in the Low Carbon Economy. The Terra Infirma Sustainable Business Blog has news, views and advice on the sustainability agenda from a business point of view. Green Gurus is a discussion of the pioneers of the environmental movement.

The Green Executive

Reviews of The Green Executive: 'The Green Executive provides everything you need to know to develop a winning sustainability strategy and the leadership skills you require to implement that strategy.' - Elaine Cohen, CSR Wire 'A well written manual designed to help business leaders improve the environmental impact of their company' - Jessica Shankleman, '[A] well-informed and public-spirited new book. Why not, instead of tinkering around the edges of sustainability, go the whole hog and make it a pillar of your corporate DNA? There are, as [the author] explains, sound commercial reasons for following this track.' - Nick Smith, Engineering & Technology Magazine '[An] outstanding book... what CEOs and business leaders need to know in terms of sustainability, is aptly summarized in The Green Executive' - Florian Kaefer, Sustainable Futures Blog

About Me

I've been interested in Green issues since I was a child, but it was visiting some ecologically devastated parts of the arctic Kola Peninsula in Russia in my mid-20s that made me decide to make a real difference. When I got home I immediately started looking for job in this area, while leading conservation tasks as a volunteer. I now have over ten years experience in the field, ranging from those practical conservation tasks to diverting 100 000's tonnes of waste from landfill (and saving the companies involved £m's!). The businesses I have worked with range from one man bands to multinational petrochemical corporations. I have been an invited speaker at many events covering sustainable production & consumption, climate change, recycling and eco-industrial development. I have also appeared as a media pundit on energy and climate change issues on the BBC Six O'Clock News, Countryfile and The Politics Show. In 2008, The Journal newspaper named me as a 'Rising Star, Future Leader' for my work on tackling climate change. I live in Newcastle upon Tyne with my partner Karen, our boys Harry, Jimmy and new for 2012, Charlie. I love travelling and banging on about it (see here). I am leader of the Ecademy Green Business Club and co-leader of the Ecademy Environment Club


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