Garry Holland




I am an English language teacher with 15 years experience and ran my own academy in Bournemouth for 8.5 years before coming to Spain 5.5 years ago, have run my own academy for 14.5 years now, May 2009. Looking for new students to teach either general or business English to on high intensive courses, 2-4 weeks, and final preparation for Cambridge exams in an English environment. Always looking to work with new people to work with in the teaching field to act as agents for me to send students over here as well as companies, colleges and universities etc. I do 1-1 courses that are designed for each specific students needs in order for them to get the most out of the courses. The students are accommodated in a mainly English urbanisation with an English family. So the students are surrounded by English 24/7. Our motto is "Learning should be enjoyable" and in the UK I had an extremely high level of exam pass rates together with a lot of repeat business from an international German based company, which I continue to do business with over here. You can always visit my website to find out more about the school, Also looking to do work in the rugby field, setting up a rugby sports shop on the net so that people can get quality rugby gear over here in Spain in all areas at a good price. This is the future so any help or ideas on how to go about this would be great. Website on Facebook