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Gene 'genericgene'


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"When Opportunity Knocks! - Don't Knock It, Embrace It" GenericGene Entrepreneur In Generic Directories, The Changing Way We Search - Generic Collector Since 1996 - GenericDirectories.com GoodsNServices.com TradesNServices.com 4 Sale/Lease Many Auto Trades Services Local or Global Buyers Agents Welcome. -- Experience Gene is skilled in body repairs, spray painting, welding, heavy truck licence, publishing and gaming, consultant to movie & media industry on gaming Jady Davis Lotto & BlackJack Author, Roulette, Keno & Support To Counseling Services) newspaper columns on lotto stats, strategy development, he has been a Gov Lic Towing Opp.other small businesses, with his years of experience he recognized the opportunity in technology Gene bought his first dot com in 1996 & est the world's first generic dot com generic directory system in 1998 with the help of developers.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How The Generic Directories Work ? View http://GenericDirectories.com/ Index Each Directory is For Lease & Management e.g. SmashRepairers.com DBO Strategy Encompasses The Set Of Three (3) http://SmashRepairers.com/ ~ http://SmashRepairQuotes.com/ ~ http://SmashInsuranceQuotes.com/ Offering Superb Generic Emails ! Generic Addresses ! Generic Search ! "Each Directory Or Set Of Directories Operates & Is Managed Independently" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Downs Family Australia Migrated from England 1800' Rope weavers, Downs & Son Melbourne est 1888 - See Google -
History Repeating It's Self 100Yrs We are at a time in history 100 years down the track where the excitement of Nikola Tesla, Wright Bros, Karl Benz, Henry Ford and his mass produced Motor Car, Alexander Graham Bell, Guglielmo Marconi, Thomas Edison and his wonderful inventions & others that paved the development of the 20th Century has been reinstalled into the hearts and minds of those engaged in the development of technology passing into the 21st Century. e.g. I think the IPhone will go down as the greatest invention in technology of the 21 century -
News Electronic Real Estate:- Their are still many good search word domains available, it never ceases to amaze me how some are missing great opportunity's - when you see sales like this -
"Is Your Domain Name Worth More Than Your Business" Some Domain Sales Stats (Credit.fr $851K+) ( SoftWare.de 235,025.00 EUR = 315,180.41 USD) (Migraine.com $125K) (MySports.com $60K) (Items.com $50K) (Toys.com $5.1M) (PartySupplies.com $360K) (Poker.org $1Million) (WeddingGift.com $160K) (MusicVideos.com $250K) (Guns.com $800K) (Biking.com $250K) (Boating.com $250K) (LoanCalculator.com $215K) (FirstNationalBank.com $69K+) (GiftCardMessages.com $12K) (PayDayLoans.info $24K) Many names are worth more than the business that owns them & the owners do not realize it. I have been collecting good names since I first went on the net in 1996 (GamblersHotline.com)
Directory Opportunity Specially Designed Generic Directories by Gene e.g. AutoRecyclers.com.au (Australian Site), You To Can Share In The Generic Directory Growth, How To Create Jobs Using Generic Directories Local & Global. Develop your own directories taking advantage of generic directories Contact GeneDowns.com -
The Power Of Generic Directories To The Four Corners Of The Globe http://GenericAds.com Has More Than Four Ways To Circle It - http://GenericDirectories.com - Domain Bar Optimization (DBO) Is a strategy using a number of domain search words directed to your site, you register & own your own search words - Internet directories work differently to traditional printed directories, the fierce competition will I believe leave many small players at a loss competing for high level search presence against the larger players, DBO's can help by direct use of the domain bar, the search word domains in themselves are simply electronic real estate - always check with your local register for the legal requirements as they vary country to country - GeneDowns.com - DBOStrategies.com - - DBOSearch.com -Guinness World Records Member

Gene's Favorite Quote Children Are The World's Greatest Resource, They Are Our Only Hope For The Future - JFK The Start Of A River Leads You To The Oceans Of The World - "Never Limit You Destiny"
The World's Finest Collection Of .Com & .Net Generic Directories & Portals For Sale/Lease GeneDowns.com
Ads24x7.com AgentsAndAuctions.com AgentsNAuctions.com AutoBodyShops.com AutoCarrying.com AutoElectrics.com AutoEngineers.com AutoGlassAndRepairs.com AutoGlassNRepairs.com AutoHotLink.com AutoHotLinks.com AutoPartsRecyclers.com AutoRepairers.com AutoTrimmers.com BandsAndSingers.com BandsNSingers.com CarCarrying.com CardNGifts.com CarNDealer.com CarRecyclers.com CarYards.com Corporate Expressions Of Interest, Agents Welcome Standard Industry Commission - Many More TLD'
An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind - Gandhi
"Their Is A Tide In The Affairs Of Men, When Taken At The Flood Lead On To Fortune" - Shakespeare From Beat The Dealer by Edward O. Thorp ------------------------------------------------ Inspired by Lawrence Revere "Spec Parsons" Griffith Owens Playing BlackJack as A Business ------------------------------------------------ Casino Gamblers Guide by Alan N. Wilson - The Greatest Intellectual Gaming Guide Ever Written - -----------------------------------------------

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