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Geoff Kirkwood



Chief Entrepreneur at geoffkirkwood.com pty ltd


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Geoff KirkwoodA successful professional speaker having spoken in Russia, Canada, USA, Malaysia, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. With a track record of having grown BNI in Australia from 30 chapters to 170 in 6 years, I am now embarking on other adventures in the business world. I am also the creator of such ideas as International Networking Week and International Networking Day (both Trademarked & owned by BNI). I created the very first worldwide celebration of these events in February 2007 and now being held in over 40 countries. You would be interested in me because I have always practised the philosophy of "giving before getting" and just love helping others achieve. I am the most positive person you will ever meet and that gives me an edge on all those people who see the glass as half empty.
Geoff's Code of Ethics
1.   I will seek first to understand in any situation. 2.   I will give the best I am capable of in any situation. 3.   I will extend trust so that I may be trusted. 4.   I will seek to value all relationships. 5.   I will bring to every assignment my passion and enthusiasm. 6.   I will honour all commitments.
"Geoff Kirkwood brings 40 years of business experience -- several successful businesses -- and lessons learned as a world class speaker, author, catalyst and centre of influence." To find out more see www.geoffkirkwood.com
I am single (divorced) with 3 children and 4 grandchildren. Living in Brisbane, Australia (God's country) and travelling regularly to speak and explore. I am also a very spiritual person who enjoys learning more about why we humans do what we do. I love music (singing in an Acapella choir) and reading (50 books a year). I run my own dinner party competition called Men Who Cook.
About Geoff   |   Websites  |  Millionaire Mentors  |  Connect  |
About Geoff   |   Websites  |  Millionaire Mentors  |  Connect  |

Millionaires Mentors

I now mentor people and show them how to be more successful in their lives. See my book called Millionaire Mentors. In addition I share word-of-mouth marketing ideas through my website and regular newsletter. My favourite speaking topic is "How to Build Million $ Relationships!" See Geoff's current speaking schedule
About Geoff   |   Websites  |  Millionaire Mentors  |  Connect  |

How to connect with me

My status By Phone (International): +61 420 319 035 By Phone (Australia): 0420 319 035 By Mail: PO Box 3250, Norman Park, 4170, Australia

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