Geoffrey Ponder




Now My main interest now is the Expo 2010, to be held in Shanghai between May and October. Over 6 months they are expecting around 70 million visitors, and on most days between 400,000 and 600,000 people will turn up at the site. These numbers might seem amazing, but I can't help thinking they are underestimates! Without any doubt, Expo 2010 will be the biggest and best ever! In case you don't know, the first was held in Hyde Park in 1851, largely on the wish of Prince Albert, and Queen Victoria attended several times. The structure was known as Crystal Palace, but unfortunately this was destroyed by fire after being moved to the south London suburb. Already I have visited Shanghai three times, most recently for 12 days in November 2009. It was stunning to see the size of the Expo site, on both sides of the Huangpu River which flows through Shanghai: over 5 square kilometres in area. Over 200 countries will be exhibiting, and investing much more on their pavilions than ever before. Over the coming months I plan to write four separate books on Expo, and will be producing various photo books as well. You can see trials of these at - Visitor Guide to Shanghai and Expo 2010 Pictures of Shanghai and Expo 2010 Use the Preview function to inspect the first 15 pages of each book. There is even the opportunity to buy if you need to get some idea of what will be available to the public at the coming Expo. Previously ... For a little over a decade I worked as a Technical Writer, producing user documentation for various types of Software package. My first position was with Tetra Business Systems, based in Maidenhead, producing guides for a version of the accounting package adopted by Siemens. After that I moved on to running training courses in using basic office software products. Working on a contract basis for various Investment Banks in London was much more challenging. I gained experience with Salomon Brothers (now part of CitiBank), Dresdner Kleinwort Benson, Banque Paribas and a specialised financial offshoot of NatWest. Another contract involved working within the HR department of PriceWaterhouseCoopers. In many ways the climax of my technical writing career was to be working on a B2B web site project for Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong. The project aimed to attract local businesses, and was managed by KPMG: it involved consultants from around the world, including Fiji. Living in Hong Kong (fortunately over the winter) was a fascinating and stimulating experience for me, and I was glad to return for a visit in February 2006. Since then I have spent most of my time working as a property investor and manager, and have managed to build a substantial, and still growing, portfolio.


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