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Graeme J Gibson

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I am the founder and director of a specialist software house called AppSherpas based south of Cambridge, UK with a focus on the design and delivery of mobile solutions for Apple's successful iOS platform (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). AppSherpas, or Websetters as we were then, started in 1998 when we were established to deliver services to the emerging internet industry. Since then we have been successfully delivering solutions, helping clients gain value from emerging technologies such as speech analytics, VoIP, image and document management as well as guiding the integration of mobile technology into the way people work and live. I, along with members of the team at AppSherpas, have been involved in the IT industry for the last 35 years, many of which were with blue chip global technology and system integrator organisations. AppSherpas are specialists in the design and development of innovative mobile solutions and in addition to delivering bespoke design and development services to clients, AppSherpas also invest in research into the application of new, emerging mobile technologies with solutions such as illumiEye™, Print&Post and POSCard. These are aimed at consumers and joint collaborations with technology and marketing partners. illumiEye™ - Where will you take your readers today? The printed publication is a powerful medium to reach your consumers. With illumiEye™ you can enhance the printed page and take your readers wherever you want to take them - automatically from their mobile device. illumiEye™ has been developed to help publishers provide a branded solution for their magazine or publication to connect their readers from the printed page to online media. Using illumiEye™, the reader scans an image in an article or advertisement and they are automatically linked to rich, multi-media content, enhancing their reading experience. By deploying illumiEye™'s image discovery technology you can;

  • Take shopping to the next level with interactive catalogues and mobile window shopping...
  • Engage consumers by linking them to relevant digital content...
  • Scan a movie poster to link to movie ticket sales, reviews, merchandise sales...
  • and more...
illumiEye™ on YouTube An illumiEye™ demo An introduction to illumiEye™ Print&Post - The Royal Mail in your pocket In today's business environment, everyone is busy and always on the move. Do you find you are rarely in the right place to send that vital document and nearly always need to call someone else to send it for you? Worse still, are you forced to leave it until you return to your base, delaying your response? Print&Post from AppSherpas provides you with the ability to fully integrate document printing and delivery into your mobile applications. Now, you not only have the option to e-mail your clients but you can deliver high quality printed documents directly from your mobile device into their hands. Printed letters and documents have a connection with the recipient that an e-mail cannot achieve. E-mail has replaced many informal communications but still can not replace the attention and importance associated with printed mail. Print&Post delivers high quality documents directly from your iPhone or iPad while reducing your time on administration, reduces the use of office resources and connects you better with your clients. Low cost Print&Post. Safe, secure and reliable direct mail for business, SMEs, charities, clubs and individuals. Letters, invoices, documents, greetings cards and colour postcards. Send on demand from your mobile device whether in the home, office or on the road any place, any time of the day - contact us to see how Print&Post can be integrated into your business processes. POSCard - Secure mobile commerce. Mobile is increasingly becoming an integral part of today's world of retail. Whether the consumer wishes to investigate a product or service or is merely searching for a retailer with the best price - they are reaching for their phones. POSCard from AppSherpas provides the ability to fully integrate secure card payments and point of sale (POS) equipment into your mobile applications. Not only can you inform the consumer of your wares but with POSCard you can securely receive pre-paid orders directly from the consumer when and where they want to place them. Solutions to reach the consumer via mobile are no longer the domain of the large, multi-outlet brand but can be delivered to the small restaurateur, retailer or establishment helping to compete with their larger rivals. POSCard in the hospitality industry - In partnership with atomfish, AppSherpas are delivering a fully integrated booking and ordering service for the hospitality industry. Consumers may order meals, book tables and interact with their favourite establishment all from a mobile application under the retailers own brand. Low cost POSCard. Safe, secure and reliable card processing with integration to your point of sale facilities brings the consumer closer to you and builds a repeatable relationship. A little about me.... I am male, in my mid 50's, married and have three children. I have been very happily married for 37 years and regard Hilary, my wife, as my best friend. I have three great children, two daughters and one son. My children describe me as the fairest person they know - even when they don't want something. I think! I love technology but see it as a tool, a widget that should be measured for the ease it makes a process or communication. Through my whole career I have been at the next big thing. This is because I am always keen to see the enhancements that new technology can make to our lives and pushing technology to the boundaries is fun and rewarding. I enjoy reading, eating, music, films, theatre, amateur dramatics, music, photography, knowledge and oh music. My one disappointment so far has been not being able to play a musical instrument. It could be that I do not have a musical ear but it doesn't help that I expect to be able to play without all the learning. I'm resigned to the fact that my instrument of choice is now my trusty iPod with a surprising wide variety of music genres. I patiently await advances in technology that will allow a chip to be inserted in my brain and allow knowledge on how to play a real musical instrument to be uploaded. Apart from my family, the one joy of my life so far has been the ability to earn a good living through just talking to people. Getting to know them, understanding their needs and at times helping to solve their problems. I am a great listener but always have an opinion. Things I hate.... There is not much that I find I dislike, possibly unfairness and people who can't make a decision are the two that immediately come to mind. Unfairness is just wrong. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Indecision is just wasteful. If you make a decision and it's wrong, then you learn something. If you can't or more frequently won't make a decision because your scared of it being wrong then you will never grow. My philosophy.... Everything one does is a process - a person's relationships, their business and their environment. Communication is the life blood of these processes and to improve communication is an act of improving life itself. the only limits are those of vision This tag line is a belief that I have taken through each of my companies and is something I firmly follow. If you can visualise it, you can do it! And finally.... Thank you for reading this and I look forward to meeting a lot of new friends here at ecademy. Regards Graeme AppSherpas @AppSherpas @illumiEye YouTube : illumiEye


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