Graeme Spice



Managing Director at G Spice Consulting Ltd.


a bit about me, I'm pretty chatty so feel free to drop me a tweet, mail or phone call if you'd like a chat, pick my brains or just to say hi!

What I do to pay the bills. I love Telecoms, I just can't help myself, sad I know. I have tried to get away from it twice, but it keeps drawing me back in. I have many years of experience within Telco/MSO's and with Vendors and Consulting Companies delivering Solutions and Strategy for OSS and now Project and Program Managing Internet Music Download Services, an area of great interest to me. I've done everything from Field Engineering to managing a 10Million Euro OSS Budget as VP for OSS at Europe's biggest Cable company. Have also looked at Service Oriented Architecture especially how it applies to Telco and MSO's. I have experience of Sales and Product Marketing and consider myself a lateral pragmatic free thinker. Sometimes I have more ideas that short term memory or time.

What I am doing now  

Telecom Management - G Spice Consulting is a small consulting company focused on all aspects of Managing Telecom roll out and Operation. I've been partially submerged in the Media industry working with online, mobile video & music with Label and ISP industry expertise around delivering and protecting digital media in an ISP environment. If this is something you are involved in and you'd like a chat drop me a line. I'm also available on a consultative basis to help guide companies on a strategy around content delivery and protection. If you have any questions or want access to anyone I know just drop me a message

Online Back Up - Spice Vault - Providing secure cloud based back up for businesses of all sizes. From individual workstations to hundred of desks and servers we have a solution to fit most companies, cheaper than on site back ups and more reliable and safer.

What I'm willing to do for you.

Referrals to my network - If there is anyone in my Ecademy or Linkedin Network you have a legitimate reason to contact I'd be happy to help with an introduction. It's broad and deep. As I mentioned before I am a one man ideas factory (NFC Golf balls anyone?) and am more than willing to help people in early stages of firming their vision of a business or idea. I have a few ideas I want to see through to fluition, I'll need a good network to make it happen so I'm willing to help others when they need it too. I have a big network of Telecoms and IT contacts and can source you expertise or software/hardware probably the globe over always at competitive rates. If yoo need something try me. I have always been good at Telecom deal match making , drop me a message. I have a very large network in the IT/Telecom world - I regularily help headhunters find suitable candidates and fill vacancies for companies.

What would I like from you? We helo business of all sizes with Telecom and IT projects. If you are one or know one we would welcome a referral (for which we pay a finders fee or are happy to swap referrals) I will treat every referral with professionalism and respect - I recognise your own reputation is at risk when you refer anyone so feel confident I will not tarnish it in any way. Call me or drop me a mail if you have something to discuss.

My Goals To be semi retired by the time I am 50 - so thats looking not so likely now! just under 8 years to go...


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