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Bloxstore Limited Founder and Managing Director, Graham Vowles is a recognised and well-regarded expert in the geospatial sector. He has a proven track record in the delivery of national and European level geospatial information systems. At a national level, he contributed to the United Kingdom Location Strategy and was contributing author to the United Kingdom Location Infrastructure Conceptual Design. At a European level he is Co-Chair of the INSPIRE Network Services Drafting Team and participant within the INSPIRE community. His main contribution so far was to the INSPIRE Technical Architecture Overview and INSPIRE Networks Services Architecture where he drew on his knowledge of International Geospatial Standards and their implementation and operational experience. In his previous role as Principal Consultant and Senior Information Architect at the Ordnance Survey he was responsible for the high-level data models behind the National Geographic Database, developing the strategic elements of the Ordnance Survey Product and Services Strategy, and understanding the business impact of European and National Policy on the organisation.


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