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RESEARCH Research interests

BLOCKING THE RE-TAKE OF CANCER After Radiation or Chemotherapy this by using a cocktail of substances which brings the cancer stem cells (CSC's) in a total knock-out  

Former research

ERADICATING  CANCER (Solid Tumors) by: 1) HYPER THERMIA 2) TARGETED NANOMEDICINE EXTRA TECHNICAL INFORMATION for Scientist and Medical providers 1) HYPERTHERMIA We found a way to lower free radicals in blood without using anti-oxidants. This was done by realignment of anions and cations under vibrant heat. A medical device based on this important findings is under construction. WE ARE also TESTING THIS DEVICE BY CANCER. Next years I'm planning some tours with lectures where I will explain the possibility to bring cancer in regression by Vibrant Heat focusing on the inhibition of some Heat Shock Protein (HSP 90 and HSP 70). This all by introducing and enhancing the activity of the small molecule 17-n-AAG-17. If you think you can facilitate in your country to let me give a lecture ( vulgarized for patients or organisations ) don't hesitate to let me know HSP's are able to protect cancer cells against heat.We will block their action and than introducing vibration and heat. This will destroy cancer cells without harming other (healthy cells) This method can be used together with other cancer treatments but... This pathway still needs a lot of further research and... Research cooperation is an opportunity in the domains energy and genetic related biochemistry. We did already some small pilot tests which confirmed our hypotheses. 2) TARGETED NANO MEDICINE a new CANCER RESEARCH We are studying the possibility to bring active compounds straight to the place where they have to function by a novel delivery system avoiding strong effects and toxicology to the other (healthy cells). The terrible side effects of chemotherapy are avoided. The quantity of active anti-cancer compounds can be drastically reduced since they only have to be activated in the presence of cancerous cells. Some promising older substances (left beside for their too high toxicity) can be reintroduced because they will only be locally active. Even natural anti cancer compounds can be used in this revolutionary new delivery system. This system is filed as the ELSAC principle. We need your help to spread this epoch making approach by other scientists and medical providers This to introducing me for lectures in your local University.It is a way to help us. Please become a local facilitator and in-between to create a cooperation with an University or Academic Institute. Your interaction will bring you and/or your firm in focus and is a interesting promotion of your activities MY LAST PERSONAL MESSAGE TO YOU:. NOT YOUR STATUS OR PROFESSION IS IMPORTANT YOUR COMMITMENT IS WE DO NOT NEED CHARITY. WE NEED SHARING

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