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Endorsement and encouragement of creativity and spontaneity in children around the world and thus contribute to talent development. Feel like a Young-Rembrandt.

For about twelve years, ArtKids did the job; and for about 8 months it changed to ArtKids Foundation. ArtKids Foundation goes on, Those guys will do the job well; I am heading for new horizons.

This is Lisa She made a drawing, showing her with the new boyfriend, ... both eager to marry. She sent the drawing to ArtKids. 'Tamara painted and this is the result: * a painting: * A smiling and confident child, named Lisa and, * That makes ArtKids, Hans and Tamara very happy too. * and.... how about the parents?
  • You want to create a more positive first impression for your company ?
  • You want to enhance your company's reputation ?
  • You want your employees to feel more at home, more confident, more respected, happier,...?

the passion The program for life, I have been taught was: 1) get a good education 2) spend 40 years, 40 hours a week working for another. 3) retire I found out there are better programs.... While looking around, I met Tamara (she's now my girl-friend, wife, and business-partner, and our artist). Some social worker told Tamara that Soraya (daughter of Tamara) wasn't happy: At school Soraya was always busy with other things. After some sleepless nights Tamara found some drawings by Soraya, and Tamara saw big smiles on the faces of the puppets. That inspired Tamara to paint. Soraya was delighted by both the recognition and the attention.
We wondered if the same would happen with the drawings by other children, so we worked the same way with the children of our relatives. The children's reactions were the same. The parents were mostly surprised by seeing their children as real artists. Since then we tell many children (and their parents) they have more talentsÂ…. and invite, stimulate creativity.

Do you feel the "ArtKids" Magic?

Discover their feelings, creativity and talents and make them feel like a "Young-Rembrandt".


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Children waiting with their drawing in their hands,... to see what Tamara has done with it.
Tamara at work: