Content– Be the Expert

How you should use Articles:


Content Distribution is where you show your expertise by writing quality, useful, relevant information that will assist and inspire your audience and allow them to see you as the expert in your chosen subject.


Make sure your content is a minimum of 250 words and is presentable using the tools we have developed for you. All of your social content should be created in SunZu and shared across all social networks. This is because we have optimized the pages for SEO and designed them so that you can generate leads and opportunities by drawing in your audience to read what you have to say.


You can also attach a PDF for readers to open and read like a company brochure.


We display your LandAd’s next to your content to encourage readers or listeners (if you have put a video in) to get in touch with you.


All in all this is where you show that you are the expert by sharing your knowledge with others and then win leads and opportunities.

  1. Create content
  2. Share, share, share