Rupert Honywood



Managing Director at Personal Development Bureau


WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU We have developed a network of over 330 specialists and consultants predominantly from the Ecademy and Ecademy Blackstar networks to offer a range of specialist services to our members who are Ex Police Officers or Ex Police Staff or who are ex Forces. This is to assist them in their transition process to move into a new career, self employment or business. This is offered through our membership, training and mentoring services. These services include:-
  • Managing Change
  • Career, Business and Life Change Management
  • Personal Profiling and Psychometric Tests
  • Developing Personal Brand
  • Developing CV's
  • Employment v Self Employment v Business Advice
  • Personal & Small Business Legal Advice Lines
  • Developing and Growing a Business
  • Business Mentoring, Development and Support
  • Business Profiling and Simulations
  • Internet Marketing
  • Business Helplines
  • Virtual Personal Assistant
  • Business Concierge Service
  • Discounted Business Startup Packages
  • HOW ELSE CAN WE HELP We are very interested in collaborative relationships and helping and supporting businesses to grow and help each other. Smart businesses that find and build strong strategic alliances tend to grow much quicker and are much more resilient to changes in the market and competition! As part of our services we are always looking out for opportunities for our clients and will work with you proactively to get results.

    PERSONAL PROFILE At a personal level, my Wealth Dynamics Profile is "Creator" which means that I love creating new products or services and helping businesses to innovate (with the Dynamo characteristic being very strong meaning that I am very driven and goal focused). My secondary characteristics are "Star" which means that I love leading from the front and "Mechanic" meaning that I am a good finisher.

    FAMILY AND INTERESTS I am also very fortunate that I have a lovely wife (Wendy) and son (Sam). We love dogs and cats and one of my nick names is Ace Ventura and if you want to know why you will have to have a 121 with me. We love the great outdoors - the countryside and walking the dog. Meeting up with friends and family, photography, social media etc. We love the US, Australia (have family over there) and New Zealand and parts of Europe plus of course the UK's Lake District.

    My favourite films of all time are Lord of the Rings, Avatar and The Kings Speech and I love documentaries. As a very proud Dad, my highlight was when our son got the part of Sebastian in Nanny McPhee with Colin Firth and Emma Thompson and yes the Premiers were brilliant and we were both delighted!