Ian Calvert



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I have taken a journey through nearly 30 years of varying industries which have all fallen one into another, thus you could say that everything I have done has been inter-linked.

From starting at school, working in the holidays for a local builder to cement my interest in construction, I started working at Higgs & Hill as a Trainee Surveyor and becoming a Procurement Surveyor, handling tenders, placing of contracts and payments of contractors. From this, I then went to work for plastering and building company doing the same before entering the world of security with a company that was heavily involved in supplying security to the construction industry. From here, with the advent of security moving more into IT based facility, I then moved into the telecommunications industry.

Since, being in the telecommunications industry (and in the industries prior), I have seen how marketing has not really taken grasp of how IT and Telephony can help this sector work better for all industries and sectors by building on what IT and Telecommunications can offer. So, now, I am involved in several businesses covering procurement & supply services, telecommunications and Social Media.

I am open to speak to you on any of these topics and discuss what your thoughts are on these industries and how we can all work together in partnership.

Or if you want to brain-storm an idea, pick up the telephone, drop me an email or let's grab a coffee and a chat....