Ian Harm




Since 2003 I have been the owner of a professional investigations agency. I assist people and businesses to protect their interests and manage their risks by way of information and intelligence gathering services. I strongly believe in having a personal problem-solving approach to the services that my business provides. My aim is to develop long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships with people. I am also the Editor and main writer and contributor to PI Telegraph an on-line magazine publication for the security and investigations sector. Prior to entering the commercial sector I spent 22 years in the UK Police Service in various investigation roles, the last 5 years of my service having been spent as an Intelligence Officer providing an intelligence capability in respect of serious and serial crimes. During my time in the police service I underwent many years of training in all aspects of Criminal Law Investigative Interviewing Evidence Gathering Covert Surveillance Intelligence Gathering Intelligence Analysis, I have studied Criminology at Undergraduate level in addition to having qualifications in Leadership & Management. For the past 10 years or so, on a formal and also an informal basis, I have been studying Psychology (Criminal & Investigative). I am also an adherent of Nuero Linguistic Programming (NLP) a discipline that is essential to the cultivation of good interpersonal communication skills. Specialties Tracing people, due diligence, intelligence gathering, surveillance. I speak Italian and Spanish