Ian Wright




New World Designs was founded in 1998 providing special effects photography to the advertising, commercial and film industries, as well as have a web development arm which has been producing high end websites for over 12yrs and developing Joomla extensions since before Joomla was called Joomla. Bullet Time Photography We have produced award winning television commercials, all around the world. Many of the commercials you will have seen, but some are country specific and not shown in the UK. Joomla Development We produce Joomla extensions with a combination of hundreds of thousands of users. Many of our extensions are at the very top of the Joomla Extension Directory category (like an app store for Joomla). We not only provide out of the box extensions, we also provide custom extension development. Web Development We have been a major provider of web development to many if not most large London agencies, working on projects for Vauxhall, Nike, BBC, Santander and dozens of other blue chip clients. Most work we produce for these companies are under NDAs, so the agency we work for takes the credit, but as one of these agencies has now closed, we can at last show some of the work we produced.