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CEO/Founder at iMA Strategies/Knight International


Hi I'm James Knight

I've had the good fortune of working with thousands of people throughout my career, starting as a representative for the Dale Carnegie courses, in Michigan in the US. Through Carnegie training I learned the principles and fundamentals and concepts that helped me attain a high level of success, not only with the Carnegie organization but also in founding several successful companies on both sides of the Atlantic.

Since my early days with Carnegie I have spent over 25 years developing, researching, testing, applying and teaching a universal language called iMA that is designed to help people communicate more effectively and maximize Connectivity. Everyone speaks 1 of 4 iMA dialects naturally, that puts her/him on the same wavelength as 25% of the world's population that looks at and filters the world through the same eyes and ears. It also means that 75% speak one of the other three iMA dialects and are on a different wavelength from you. When people are different They have difficulty Connecting, often mis-communicate, are less likable, have trouble influencing, and can rub people the wrong way just by being themselves. iMA helps you Connect with the 75%. That are on a different wavelength, many of whom are important to your success, happiness and future. People and companies who Connect with others Prosper and those that don't Struggle. To find out which iMA dialect you speak go to: http:// iMA-SunZu.com


Gain a competitive edge by training as an iMA Practitioner and teach others how to create greater connectivity, producing better results at less cost, sooner - at work and in life. - Add an exciting new dimension to your business - Multiply the ways you can be of service, and your income potential http://imastrategies.com/imapractitioner.html To find out more about iMA visit my Blog here on SunZu http://iMAblogger.co.uk    The POWER of iMA !

Auto Trader Testimonial: iMA at WORK ! How can the iMA System help you financially?

The €18 million Vineyards Resort on Bulgaria's Black Sea provides not only a beautiful location for training iMA principles fundamentals and concepts,it is also with the physical manifestation as to the power of iMA. I along with my wife and business partner Elaine,and our Bulgarian business partner George, designed built sold and now manage this magnificent five* village,comprising of 224 apartments and 35 villas all with private pools,using the universal language of iMA. In fact it would not have become a reality, had it not been for iMA If you would really like to see first hand evidence as to what iMA can do visit my blog " My Magnificient Obsession iMA Training Centre on the Black Sea.

 iMA at the Vineyards What good is anything if you have no one to share it with? 

I'm so lucky to have met that special person to share my life with. We have been married for 25 years and our daughter who has just graduated from the University of London Royal Hollaway with degrees in music and psychology.My son is a stock broker and lives in Geneva Illinois with his lovely wife and two beautiful children My brother and sister in law live in Libertyville and have 3 fantastic kids.I'm really blessed to have such a close family.

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Tips on how to get to know me better.

  • Be flexible
  • Be quick paced
  • Be positive
  • Be open
  • Be generous with your praise
  • Be supportive of my ideas
  • Have fun!

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