Jane Lewis




Not so long ago I hit 50, and I realised that I was in a really transformational phase of my life. Some things haven't changed - I still have a mortgage to pay and I still get lazy about going to the gymn! And some things have changed - for instance I'm starting to act like a parent to some of the older members of my family. What I do I help people and organisations to change and transform - in particular I help them shine. Particularly women who, like me, are facing all manner of changes in their lives. I work with small business owners who want to be leaders in their field - whether to be thought leaders, or market leaders, innovators and pioneers, or 'go-to' guys and girls. I have also done a lot of work in the public sector. I have never been a Civil Servant, but my Civil Service clients assume I have been because I have developed a real depth of knowledge in this area. I do a lot of career coaching - but that's not all. At the other end of the chronological scale - teenagers who are still flying under the radar, as it were. Otherwise known as aspirant delinquents. I gave a talk about this work at the EMCC conference in Prague in 2009. And I have rediscovered my own passion for technology - from a strategic perspective, rather than a pure tekkie point of view. This means I am fascinated by what technology can do for us, and helping my clients to make the most of what's good in the latest offerings form the digital world. Some history... I've been fascinated by the possibilites of digital technology since about 1980, when I first met FRED, a computer at Strathcylde UNiversity, where I was studying my MBA. FRED didn't speak human, and I didn't speak computer, so our relation didn't last long, but I bought my first computer not long after. One of those Sinclair Spectrum thingies, if you're old enough to remember. After living for Greee for 4 years, I returned to UK because I wanted to learn enough about computers that I could set up my own consultancy. After all my MBA thesis was all about small businesses, so how difficult could it be? I quickly realised that the deep tekkie stuff really wasn't for me. What inspired me was what the technology could do, and I was especially interested in what we then called Wide Area Networks - how you linked people together, and how that might change the way they worked. I worked for Logica - a large-ish software company in London and Holland, a smallish consultancy called OASiS, and then went out on my own. Along the way I tuaght strategic management of technology on an Open University MBA course, and worked on the French side of the Channel Tunnel, which was great for my wine cellar. For the last 13 years I have had my own business. I trained as an NLP trainer and a coach and moved more into human development and learning, working with executives in central government and nfps. I'm developing a good understanding of the technology behind internet marketing and (to a lesser extent) social networking. So I am starting to get clients who want advice about how to go about these thing. (Please note I won't do it for you, but I might have some good ideas!). I have two blogs (http://thecareersuccessdoctor.com and http://janeplewisonline.com), and you can follow me on Twitter as janeplewis. This is a new Twitter account - for years I was magical, but I am now tweeting in my own name which is fun. My other passions I'm a student and teacher of Hawaiian Huna - the ancient spiritual and healing philosophy of the Hawaiians. Huna has given me a powerful set of practical tools and techniques for enjoying life, and making the most of every day. It's also helped me stay on track after getting over clinical depression. It's helped me increase my energy and my feeling of personal power. It's taught me the power of forgiveness and humility. Here's a bit of an insight. Dedicating to becoming a teacher of Huna takes up a lot of time - although it does get me to Hawaii twice a year - but when I'm not doing that, I love making music. Folk music - I play 'cello in Irish pub sessions, and listening to jazz, soul, blues and classical. And swimming, because that is when I get all my best ideas. And now to a bit of fun, courtesy of Tom Evans. Wonderful, mindless fun! Just click on a bubble to pop it.