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Janet bronte ...

Grow global today!"


Want to know how to get on top of the search results for FREE? Google, Yahoo and MSN all offer FREE sponsored ads to get you started in generating business from keyword searches related to your industry. Try this: Type in a keyword that someone might use to find your business and hit "GO!" Where does your web site fall in the search results? Is it even on the front page? The Second Page? Do you really think anyone will continue to click to the Third, Fourth or Fifth page of search results to find you? You need to be the First, Second or Third listing on page one to be found and now you can for FREE. Simply sign up on the On Track Marketing Solutions web site to become a registered user to receive marketing tips like these on a monthly basis, and I'll give you the links to start your free ads. Be assured, we will never share your information with anyone. We hate spam as much as you do. These tips will be sent to you on a monthly basis, not weekly or daily. And if at anytime you determine that these tips are no longer useful to you and your business, all you have to do is let us know via e-mail, phone, or letter. So start generating leads and make money off your web site. Register with us Today! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok guys, You asked for it. View My Video Profile and learn more about my "Human" side. (This requires Windows Media Player. If you are not sure you have the software or are having trouble viewing the video, you can also watch it here on Google video.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Favorite Saying: "If you want to go fast, travel alone; but if you want to go far, travel together." - African proverb - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm looking for International Business Consultants and Consultancy companies to join my Global Network. I have numerous sources for companies looking to hire a consultancy team and I have dynamite writers to put proposals together. I just need to fill various consultancy categories. What is your specialty? Feel free to join my network as we help companies grow global and realize success together! Click to connect with me on LinkedIn. Click to connect with me on Xing. Click to connect with me on FaceBook. On Plaxo and Marzar as well. (Just love the power of social networking!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Me: I have over 25 years in marketing for numerous companies from start-up, retail, restaurant, hospitality, and B2B and possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit. I specialize in start-up strategies for new businesses focusing on image development and co-promotional marketing to reduce marketing expenditure, increase credibility through association, gain press and exposure and build sales. My forte lies in my creativity and innovation, developing effective promotional solutions. My systematic and integrated approach to marketing strategies has helped jump-start many businesses that needed change in tough times. I have consulted for several independent publications to develop circulation and restructure advertising schedules to increase contracted advertising revenue. My efforts increased advertising sales for one city alternative newspaper 50% in one year's time, attracting national accounts as well as long-term, local contracts using co-op advertising dollars. I also specialize in computerized Point-of-Sale solutions to gather and measure marketing data, including merchant services and gift / loyalty card programs and helped design a customized POS system for a Tennis Club in upstate New York to develop an overall database marketing program to retain members and increase their activity level in programs. Over recent years, I have effectively utilized Internet Marketing to develop dynamic web sites that are quickly indexed by major Search Engines and rank rapidly for relevant keyword searches. Using the theory that "Content is KING .. but Consumer is QUEEN", as a foundation, I currently consult with my clients in developing unique and relevant content that not only helps them in the Search Engines, but portrays their company as the experts in their industry, thereby gaining consumer confidence. My solutions use a tried and true platform that allows for daily client content management, complemented by advanced functionality. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to contact me for a FREE website evaluation. Current web statistics claim there are almost 1.2 billion Internet users worldwide and that over 300 million searches are performed daily in a pool of almost 128 million web sites. And these numbers continue to grow every day ... With statistics so staggering, how is your web site going to be found? We employ a combination of valuable, proven Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing techniques that can significantly improve your web site's ranking and position on the Internet. Depending on your budget and needs there are a variety of methods that can significantly improve Internet visibility, including: - Optimized Head, Title and Tags - Keyword Enriched Web Copy and Dynamic Content - Blogging / RSS feeds - Online Press Release Submissions - Linking from Authority Sites - Google Page Ranking - Google Adwords - Google Adsense - Pay-Per-Click Campaigns - Search Engine Submissions - Directory and Inclusion Campaigns - SEO Web Analytics