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My work background is being a technical specialist in the communication systems for the Defence industry. I've served a large range of satellite and radiosystems on vessels, vehicles, planes and groundstations. Now for the last years I am involved in the roll-out of a new Internet Network.

I'm a High Yellow Ima High Yellow - What colour are you ? Tips on how to get to know me better *Be flexible *Be quick paced *Be positive *Be open *Be generous with your praise *Be supportive of my ideas *Be a Facebook friend with me! *Be a Linkedin connection with me! *Be a new Fullyfollow.me contact with me! *Have fun!

I'm a Spontaneous Idealist (SI) Spontaneous Idealists are creative, lively and open-minded persons. They are humorous and dispose of a contagious zest for life. Their enthusiasm and sparkling energy inspires others and sweeps them along. They enjoy being together with other people and often have an uncanny intuition for their motivations and potential. Spontaneous Idealists are masters of communication and very amusing and gifted entertainers. Fun and variety are guaranteed when they are around. However, they are sometimes somewhat too impulsive in dealing with others and can hurt people without really meaning to do so, due to their direct and sometimes critical nature. This personality type is a keen and alert observer; they miss nothing which is going on around them. In extreme cases, they tend to be oversensitive and exaggeratedly alert and are inwardly always ready to jump. Life for them is an exciting drama full of emotionality. However, they quickly become bored when things repeat themselves and too much detailed work and care is required. Their creativity, their imaginativeness and their originality become most noticeable when developing new projects and ideas - they then leave the meticulous implementation of the whole to others. On the whole, Spontaneous Idealists attach great value to their inner and outward independence and do not like accepting a subordinate role. More about (SI) Here

Your Intrapersonal Intelligence Score: 87% Your Intrapersonal Intelligence is Very High You've spent a lot of time introspecting, and it's really paid off. You are comfortable with who you are, and you have a life philosophy that you are happy to live by. And you're always re-evaluating what you believe. Because you learn something new about yourself each day!

I'm a Comma! You are open minded and extremely optimistic. You enjoy almost all facets of life. You can find the good in almost anything. You keep yourself busy with tons of friends, activities, and interests. You find it hard to turn down an opportunity, even if you are pressed for time. Your friends find you fascinating, charming, and easy to talk to. (But with so many competing interests, you friends do feel like you hardly have time for them.)
You excel in: Inspiring people
You get along best with: The Question Mark

More Exposure for your business and a better Feeling Good factor:

Go Pay it Forward - The Power of Three

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