Jeff Mowatt



Director at People-Centered Economic Development


To begin, I'm a specialist in software development and migration, with extensive experience in preserving legacy applications and database content. I've been working with database technologies from the early 70s. Serving as a consultant/project manager in pre and post sales for Honeywell through the 80s, to a software development partnership which lasted 20 years, with a product serving major UK corporations, NHS Trusts and government departments. In 2004, with social enterprise pioneer Terry Hallman I started P-CED, People-Centered Economic Development as a new form of business delivering profit to enterprise development toward the elimination of poverty. In 2006 P-CED took over the software business which now provides core operational fund for our work in development. This profit-for-purpose approach defined in a 1996 white paper delivered to the Clinton adminstration. P-CED has leveraged projects which advocate the use of development funding as seed capital new business creation and sourced the Tomsk micorcredit bank in Russia for a successful pilot running between 2000 and 2005 In 2002 we delivered a strategy paper to Ukraine's government proposing an economic development project for the repatriated Crimean Tatars, an Islamic community who had been expelled by Stalin. The project, approved for $40m in US funding is still in the pipeline due to administrative "complications" calls for the deployment of economic 'smart bombs' to diffuse a potential civil and ethnic conflict. In November 2006, we delivered a far wider vision to Ukraine's government, describing a 'Marshall Plan' for microeconomic reform and the elimination of orphan institutions. It is offered as a model for the Compact Assistance program which Ukraine has qualified for with the Millennium Challenge Corporation. What we need is revenue to fund our continuing social mission in Ukraine and to this end promote our software products and services here. Website: People-Centered Software Development People-Centered Economic Development Crimean Tatars Development proposal for the repatriated Tatars of Crimea Microeconomic development and social enterprise in Ukraine A 'Marshall Plan' for Ukraine


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