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  • To win the National Championships for Taekwondo. I won the british championships at aged 19, and shortly after developed a generative back disease which all but crippled me for 8 years before I cured it using self hypnosis. I went back to the sport aged 30, to train for the competition and give myself back the chance I should have had back then. I am having the time of my life and have never been happier.
  • To be a TV presenter on a lifestyle show - DONE!
  • To publish my first book by Jan 2008 - DONE!
  • To speak in front of at least 1000 people per month around the world
  • What Does Jessica Robbins Companies Ltd Do? We help individuals and companies to set and achieve their goals using untapped resources in human potential and the power of the mind. By overcoming challenges and nurturing the resources you already posess, we can help you discover and achieve incredible and tangible successes. We also train people in the skills required to manage people, build and lead teams, change behaviour, anger management and of course sales training - for NICE people!! Why I do what I do Many people today walk around in a daze, as if pre-programmed to do the same things day in day out for the rest of their lives. They watch TV, eat TV dinners and buy things that the TV tells them will make them happy.Many people will have problems or limitations they think they have to live with for the rest of their lives - and that's not good enough for me! I started my company so that it would provide the antidote to this kind of half-lived life. We help "the many" become the outstanding. We help the outstanding become the truly phenomenal! How I do what I do Using a combination of tools, depending on the kind of outcomes we are asked to achieve, we help people to use the resources available to them, to take control over their thoughts, feelings, their actions and their life. We all have a choice and can be the person we want to be. You can achieve whatever you want to in life, whether its wealth or financial freedom, fame, fulfilling relationships, a successful career, a beautiful bodyÂ…. whatever success means for you, we show you how! How We Can Help You
  • To access your unlimited potential and ride the rollercoaster, call us on 0800 083 8013.
  • Call us now, and discover why achievement coaching and training is the answer you've been searching for.
  • My Back Story I used to be an IT consultant with a Masters degree from UCL, working in the city, 6 stone overweight and miserable, in a long-term relationship with the wrong man, commuting 3-4 hours a day from Amersham to London. I was an emotional eater and was in desperate need of help. One day something snapped inside me and I sought help. With hypnotherapy, coaching and a calorie-controlled diet, I lost 6 stone in 6 months. I turned around the way I thought about life, food and the universe in almost no time at all. I learned about nutrition and exercise and what I needed to do to nurture my body. I discovered Tony Robbins and the amazing way he taught the NLP principles along side his own research. He taught me to be passionate about myself and my life. Myself, my family and my friends benefited from the excitement and energy of his seminars. I knew that I would love to do what Tony Robbins was doing and that I'd be great at it. I retrained in NLP and hypnotherapy, started 2 businesses, learned about property investing, became a part time investor, ended the relationship I'd been in for 8.5 years and moved to London. Although the decisions were sometimes painful, I realised that I had a choice with what to do with my life and I was in control of it. I realised that I could find and follow my true path in life and achieve anything I wanted. I look forward to knowing you someday Bye for now. Jessica x


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