jet rotmans



artist and psychologist and poet


for my website click here I am a therapist and an artist an artist in word and images and performance and a business artist coach i am working on a new edition from floppy a black and white edition the floppy book of lessons and a second edition as well it was a great success how we made it because of the enthusiast people here and at home how you can do things together always and now that creates possibilities fl193achtergrond loos
the poetry book dedicated to my mother is a great and people love it book we are working now on a project from two twinning town zutphen and shrewsbury zutphen my home town and shrewsbury in shropshire will have an expo with books I created from the seasons from both cities in june 2014 in shrewsbury and in 2015 in zutphen  bluawedraad en hart houtkl
I live in the old town zutphen on the river ijssel my house is listed, dating from 1851 I have my studio downstairs there I do my artwork well not quite true I love to make my books in my living because it is so cosy there I make paintings and books and little objects the books are unique and my speciallity
pag 4 islandskl page from the book islands
pag6 islandskl
page from the book islands as therapist working and talking with people and with paint or/and clay and words helps to find new ways seeing old things stepping off in new directions as a business artist coach work with companies look in a positive way things what could work better have a good time together work without working on innovating thoughts because of being busy with creativity were we talk about later my themes since in 1999 when I started to write relate to words and images I love the chinese language others are roses angels there language is allready an image click to see film pagina 5 islandskl a page from one of my books islands 40x40 closed when you want to stay informed send me a message


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