Jo Berry




In 1984, my life changed forever, when my father (Sir Anthony Berry MP) died as a result of an IRA bomb whilst attending the Conservative Party conference in Brighton.I made a conscious choice and decision to understand and dialogue with Patrick Magee, the man convicted of planting the bomb that killed my father. For 11 years we have worked globally sharing our experiences & insights publicly,in dealing with conflict, dialogue and reconciliation in the most challenging of circumstances.

Overwhelmed with challenge & conflict? Want to work with someone who has extensive experience in conflict resolution and transformation? Invite an experienced visionary to speak at your prestigious & inspiring event? My passion is peace,reconciliation, forgiveness,conflict transformation and mostly,changing how we resolve conflict, so everyone wins.

Connect with me if:
✓You are the CEO of a company with an urgent need for conflict resolution,who wants employees trained in strategic & honest communication,reframing,active listening & negotiating win win solutions.Your Team will become efficient,excel and  improve their personal andcorporate responsibility leading to a fantastic place to work.

✓You are looking for an experienced Peace Ambassador to speak for your organization/association,workshop/a keynote conference speaker.

✓You are a Lobbyist with influence in policy making who wants to make a difference to conflict and resolution in war zones.

✓You have encountered violence in your past which has affected your life and want to be supported by an experienced Conflict Facilitator & Mentor who empowers and supports you.

✓You want to learn about conflict transformation in your role as a Head teacher,Principal or Religious leader by attending a workshop to learn skills and triggers that empower you&others.

✓You want to go for a VIP one to one session that incorporates the concepts of Conflict Transformation

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