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Hi I'm John and I'm The Headshot Guy.  I specialise in creating captivating portraits that help female entrepreneurs and business professionals reflect success and attract opportunities.  

I started my photographic career in the Royal Ar Force culminating in the high flying role of Command Public Relations Photographer where one of the highlights was to officially photograph HRH Queen Elizabeth II at St James’s Palace, accompanied by 30 former equerries.  And as I didn’t end up in the Tower of London, I must have done a pretty good job...  

I then freelanced for The Times where I was commissioned to photograph world class sports stars such as David Beckham, Michael Schumacher and Jonny Wilkinson.  Now I focus my lens on professionals from the world of business, putting them in the spotlight.

I believe your professional headshot should convey confidence and approachability.  Enticing people to connect with you and find out more.  One of the keys to my success is my uncanny ability to connect with people on all levels, putting them at ease, enabling me to capture expressions that are authentic, natural and based on trust.   

My mission is to “Light People Up” and leave them with a photograph that has people saying “WOW, you look amazing...”  

I may shoot peoples’ heads, but I’m always aiming for their heart.  

Get in touch if you'd like a chat about how we can get your image working for you.