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ConversationLab - Method Cards Catalyzing Insights Hi! - Tell me a story?: Let's find out where to start, what great questions we might find, what outcome we can envision and how we can help each other take a few steps further along the way and have deep phun doing it... A glimpse of me: Susan, Elin, Johannes, Elias, Coffee, Method cards, Play, Insights, Frameworks, Business meetings, Douglas Adams, Monty Python, Supertramp, Beatles, Moebius, Lego, Violin, How to play well with others on a smallplanet, Conversation, Morning walks, Implicate order, Infinite games, Cooking, Catalyst, Mindfulness, Husband, Father, Gaia & Deep Phun Return on Engagement: You are most welcome to engage with me either here on Ecademy, or some of the other Walled Gardens I visit: Coffee May your networking experience be enriching and enriched and may there always be freshly brewed coffee nearby or a concoction of your preference, John You managed all the way down here! Perseverance furthers... ConversationLab Method cards catalyzing insights Why? Combine ideas, insights, people and stories in new ways to create value and improve results. How? Your story -> Play -> Insights -> Framework -> Your improved story What?
  • Your story
  • Play: Method Cards on the table. No, really!
  • Frameworks: conversations about things that matter
  • Play with others: think win-win-win
  • Play well: believe in people
  • Play really well: cocreate real life, real value
  • Frameworks: capture your key insights
  • Your story, revisited, improved
  • Whereto?
  • Let's find out?
  • Let's find some great questions?
  • Let's reframe some ways of answering them?
  • Let's decide on options and paths forward?
  • Let's take one step at a time?
  • Let's play well together?
  • Let's evaluate, play and improve?
  • Why? - The Big Picture Our story is how we play well with other people on a small planet. What's your story? Tea House Sequence? Situation Issue Complex Silver bullet solution More complex Slightly too much information Impasse Insight Breakthrough Simplicity beyond complexity Rules of thumb Change as little as possible Experience Validate Listen to others Tell your story Act Evaluate Rinse and repeat Yes? - Tea? Coffee? People, Play, Purpose, Presence, Perception, Perseverance, Pronoia and Phun, not necessarily in that sequence. You made it through! Great! Why not connect and have a chat then? Skype: john_kellden or you could try email, johnkellden at gmail dot com Remember to smile, it confuses the enemy - best of luck in what you do, and looking forward to meeting you, John