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November 2004

I’ve enjoyed working in London for over fifteen years, but for almost 4 years I’ve been commuting from the South coast and I reckon I’ve spent more than 120 days on a train during that time.

But no more!

It’s time for a change – to continue doing the work that I love, but in a way that means I can spend more quality time with the family – time for a new venture:

watershed creative help people and businesses communicate more effectively through intelligent design

We’re based in Southsea, Hampshire and offer design expertise around all aspects of brand identity with a particular focus on design for print, and web site design and build. We guarantee top quality thinking and creative execution without top agency prices to go with it.

I’ve designed for businesses from start-ups to multinationals across a broad range of sectors including architecture, automotive, broadcasting, construction, drinks retailing, engineering, financial, FMCGs, IT, recruitment, and telecommunications.

The communication challenges are often similar, but every client has a unique set of circumstances that make each brief a fresh and exciting opportunity – to meet people, understand their needs, and work with them to arrive at a solution that can truly add value to their brand. You’re welcome to email me direct at

For the past ten years, I worked as a senior designer at Design Motive in London, and for the last five, I provided their primary resource for new media design. Here’s a few of the web sites I designed and project managed for them:

Distinctive web presence for a diverse consultancy providing services to the UK building and construction industries

One of the world’s leading names in yacht design, two sides to the business, a single point of entry

Maximising first impressions on a minimal budget for a growing architectural practice

Transforming a confused collection of technical presentations into a simple set of benefit-led propositions

Succinct presentation for derivatives traders developing a burgeoning market

Setting the benchmark for finding corporate speakers, presenters and entertainers on-line

Business to business communications and e-commerce for one of DeBeers’ premier diamond sightholders

Integrated family of Lotus-driven sites for multinational engineering Group and its five divisions – serving content to investors, customers and media

Here are a few examples of brand marks I’ve created…

Thresher Wine Shop, Sibelius, futureview, 3 Counties Ecademy Club, GB Euro95, Enjoyment

My journey with Ecademy   top

Simon Verrall, a friend and former colleague at Design Motive, introduced me to Ecademy earlier this year and has been unswerving in his moral support and is never short of invaluable advice. In a little over a year, Simon has built a thriving business in Scarlet Tiger and is an all round good bloke.

Released from my 20 hours on a train per week, I’m looking forward to entering more fully into the ethos of Ecademy. My thanks to all those in the Petersfield, Haslemere, Portsmouth, Fareham and Winchester clubs who have made me feel so welcome and offered me their support over the last few months.

Below, for anyone who’s interested, is a potted history of my last 25 years…

Following my vocation   top

Circa 1980:

“You have artistic ability, Schofield, but you wouldn’t survive in the competitive world of commercial design. Why don’t you pursue your aptitude for Maths?”

Ah, the incisive advice of careers teachers – what did he know, he’d only ever taught me PE. To be fair, it must be a thankless task trying to give direction to spotty teenage boys, especially when all they do is mumble and don’t seem to want a ‘proper’ career.

The next couple of years were pivotal: failed to secure a place at Edinburgh University to study Pure Maths, took a year off, learnt to play guitar, formed a band, retook my Maths and got a grade worse – but I became a hell of a guitarist! At that point, it was a case of “NO, damn it! I’m going to be a designer”.

Within months I was in my Foundation year at Lincoln College of Art, and four years later, after continuing my studies at Bournemouth, I was successfully established as a graphic designer in London.

For seven years, I worked for Crescent Lodge Design, run by Lynda Brockbank, formerly of Pentagram. At Crescent Lodge, I played a pivotal role in many corporate identity and collateral projects including, amongst others, Arjo Wiggins, the Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust, Sellotape, University of East London and the V&A. I was also instrumental in bringing Crescent Lodge into the then new world of desktop publishing, thus beginning my love affair with the Mac and all things computing related (I try to keep it in perspective!)

After a stint as a freelance designer, I joined Design Motive in 1994 a year after it had been formed by a quartet from Nucleus Design in Kingston. My thanks to Oz, Colin and Mike for a thoroughly enjoyable journey with Design Motive over the last ten years. You can see some of what I created with them above.

The sporting life   top

Whilst studying design at Bournemouth, my friend and future boss, Oz Freire introduced me to Ultimate – a fast, skilful, seven-a-side sport played with a flying disc (most people call it a Frisbee!) on a field roughly the size of a football field. I tried it, loved it and quickly became captivated by its athleticism and elegance.

Pretty soon, Ultimate had displaced my passion for the guitar and went on to consume much of my life outside of work for the next 15 years. During that time I played for club and country at World and European Championships throughout Europe and in North America, and my club team sustained a ten year unbroken run as UK national champions.

It was whilst playing for GB in Oslo that I met my wife, Liz, a member of the women’s squad. Ultimate has been good to me and continues to fascinate me, but following injury, I am now merely an occasional spectator – so cycling has become my big thing.

For years I’ve enjoyed mountain biking, but in the last year I’ve rediscovered the beauty of road bikes, hacking round the Hampshire countryside, from the New Forest to Goodwood, from Portsmouth to Haslemere. Next year’s goal is to ride a couple of stages of the Tour de France, albeit purely as an enthusiast!

Down on the South Coast   top

I live with Liz and our three children, Megan, Harry and Katie. When Liz and I decided to leave South West London in search of more affordable property four years ago, we weren’t sure where we were headed. After toying with the idea of emigrating to New Zealand and a series of happy coincidences, we eventually settled in Southsea.

We live 200 yards from the sea and love the fact that we can get out of the City in 15 minutes when we want to (instead of the hour or more it would take us in London). We’ve really grown into our new environment and made some good friends, and I’m looking forward to enjoying the environs more fully rather than merely at the weekends.



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