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Managing Partner | Owner | Business Advisor Professional at BlueCon - Management Consulting


Welcome to my profile - how can I help you? Jørgen Johansen, BlueCon - Management Consulting. Call me anytime on +45 4466 8813 if you require business contacts worldwide, or require business advice. Thank you for visiting my profile...

What I'm offering To point you in direction of knowledge or people I know by access to a strong global business advisor network with 5.000+ associates, practical help and advice, contacts in Scandinavia, knowledge by sharing. Please don't hesitate to send a Message and I will look into how I can help you. Direct and first level network: 18,000 contacts.

What I'm looking for Business partnering, consultancy work, knowledge sharing, networking, identifying and setting up local agents/distributors for foreign suppliers.

What I'm doing Owner and director of BlueCon - a management consultancy with the aim and objective to bring to small and medium sized independent business the most practical advice and timely ideas from knowledge experts; and to open doors to important and profitable opportunities.

BlueCon - Management Consulting help businesses to success through practical advice that works, directorships, mentor programs, and through innovation, strategy and sales optimization processes - any business can be improved!

Management Services offered:

- Advice and Support to Small/Medium sized Businesses; www.iib.org.ws

- Management Advice; www.virkon.dk

- Management Consulting; www.dragsteddevelopment.dk

- Chairman, non-executive director and advisor at a number of selected company boards. 20+ positions in career

- Mentoring and Coaching of senior executives; 600+ sessions across Europe, www.cmtmentors.com

- Helping Danish Start-up Companies to survive and grow; entrepreneurs being mentored by experienced business people, www.erhvervssparring.dk

- Strategic Business Analysis tool based on Balance Scorecard, ValuePerform; www.valuemaker.eu

- Strategic Business Analysis and Qualification of Clients and Prospects; Workshops and Online Tools for Consultants, www.freedom2act.com

- Providing insigtful information for the financial community; www.colemanrg.com

Special Competencies:

Business Advice, Management Consulting Business Coaching and Mentoring, Board Level Support, Business Analysis, Strategy Analysis & Proces, Business Plan, Sales & Marketing, Distribution, International Trade, Outsourcing, Change Management, Start-up, Risk Management, HRM, Interim Management.

Industry Experience: Consultancy, HRM, Technology, Semiconductors & Electronics Industry, Construction Industry, Automation and Machine Industry.

Partner Network

- Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business, IIB, UK

- Fellow of the Institute for Independent Business International, IIBI, UK

- Associate Senior Advisor, VIRKON ApS, DK

- Associate Consultant, Dragsted Development A/S, DK

- Chairman, IIB Regional Group - Denmark, DK

- CMT-Accredited Master Mentor, CMT Mentors, US

- Associate Consultant at Freedom2Act, DK

- Certified ValuePerform Consult at ValueMaker, DK

- Chairman, Landsforeningen ErhvervsSparring, DK

- Executive Forum Member, Coleman Research Group, US

- Please feel free to join my network at LinkedIn, ZunZu, Sta.rtUp.Biz, Facebook, XING, Naymz, Viadeo, and many more...

- Member of Egedal Erhvervsforening www.egedalerhverv.dk (Local Business Association) - Member of Ledoje-Smorum Erhvervsforening www.lserhvervsforening.dk (Local Business Association)

- Vice President, Board Member and Chair of Business affairs at Egedal Morning Rotary Club and Member of Rotary Business Club No. 1 both in Denmark.

Ethos: "You just have to give more than you expect to receive - and you will be positively surprised!"

What I've done CEO/MD/Executive for 12 years at various subsidiaries of well known public groups in Scandinavia serving the high-tech trading and industrial B2B marked. 7 years in the semiconductor industry as European Strategic Marketing Manager, European Application Manager and Sales Engineer, 8 years in R&D, own consultancy and non-executive director and chairman of a number of selected boards since 2002. Results created within start-up of knowledge-heavy venture companies, strategy definition and implementation, business and organisation development, alliance building, high level organic growth and turn-arounds. Experience gained within international management, sales, marketing, branding and distribution of high-tech products. View Jorgen Johansen (jj@bluecon.dk)'s profile on LinkedIn If you are a member of linkedIn you can view my CV here.

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